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Bird Droppings

I’ve got another mystery going on. Right on my street this time. So I’ve put on my Detective Dog hat and I’m off to investigate.

Bongo with Detective Dog hat covering his eyesWhatever it is, it doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to leave, so I’ve got plenty of time for my investigation.

The man who walked by with his little dog seemed to be a bit concerned though. He told his dog to stay away from it and made a point of telling my person it was there.

I’m not sure why it isn’t leaving. These things usually don’t hang out when dogs start bothering them. I hardly ever even come across one.

Wait a minute. This thing isn’t moving at all. Does that mean it can’t move?

It can’t be dead because anything dead in the street is squashed flat. This is definitely not flat.

Maybe it’s playing dead, hoping it will be ignored.

I don’t think these guys are smart enough to do that though.

Maybe a bird accidently dropped it as it flew by.

That’s it! There’s some bird out there who knew I needed something to investigate so the bird dropped this right at the end of my driveway. Right where I would find it.

That bird must love me.

Bongo sniffing a dead bull snake


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The Snake Did It

Toy snake and torn up boxLook at this! Just look at this! Look what my snake did while you were gone, person.

I tried to stop him. Really I did.

But he got to that box and tore it apart before I could get to him.

It was a good thing that box was empty, because it used to be full of my treats. I would have been really upset if my snake had torn up that box and eaten all the treats out of it.

Bad snake!

Person, he’s really a sneaky snake. I didn’t even hear him tearing up that box.

I just came out here and it was already torn apart.

What am I going to do with this snake?

What do you think I should do, person?

I know. I’m going to give that snake what for.

He’ll never know what hit him.

Bongo attacking his toy snake

See if that snake ever tears up one of my boxes again.

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Scratchy or the Snake

Bongo and ScratchyThis is kind of a sad story for an adventure, but a dog’s got to do what a dog’s got to do.

You see, my person still didn’t take me for a walk today. But it was a really nice day so she thought maybe we could go sit out in the yard for awhile.

That worked pretty good. It felt really great to lie and soak up the sun.

But then my person thought maybe Scratchy would like to come out too.

I don’t know what she was thinking. She was breaking her own rules. Scratchy’s not allowed outside.

But my person said Scratchy doesn’t run off anymore so she knew he would stay in the yard.

So she brought him out and sat him on her lap. If you’re wondering what that black blob is in front of my handsome face, you guessed it. It’s Scratchy.

Scratchy being on my person’s lap meant he was getting more attention than me so I decided to give Scratchy some attention. I went over and kissed him – right on his face – a bunch of times.

Scratchy eventually took a dive off my person’s lap and then I went after him some more and he ran back in the house.

Now I could have all the attention again, but that meant I no longer had Scratchy to harass.

So you know what I did? I went in and brought out my snake. My snake’s good for a harassment or two.

Bongo playing with a toy snake

But my person spoiled all the fun. She made me take my snake back inside.

It’s no fun harassing a snake in the house.

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Mischief Challenge

Bongo and SnakeThis is the third day that my person hasn’t taken me for a walk. And all because of some bug she says she has. I’m not sure what she’s talking about. I don’t see any bugs around her.

And I’m thinking she could just get some bug spray to get rid of that bug if she doesn’t want it. But who am I to know.

At least she’s not hanging out in her bed all the time now, but all she does is sit on the couch and read.

Come on person, at least help me answer some of the comments on my blog.

And then take me for a walk.

It’s kind of nice having my person home all the time, but there’s a few things I miss about having her leave the house.

It’s really hard to get into mischief when she’s here. No messing up the bed, no stealing the cat food, and I can’t even get those treats from the litter box. My person threw all those treats out today. How could she?

Well, I figure if I can’t get into any mischief right now, maybe my toy snake can help me.

My person is going to have a hard time getting stuff out of the printer with a snake in the way.

Toy snake in the printer


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Lifted Up

The Brazen Serpent, by Benjamin West; among th...

The Brazen Serpent, by Benjamin West; among the overthrown, an unmistakable reference to the Laocoön (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hey person, were those Israelites finally happy after Moses struck that rock and got water to come out?

What do you mean, they had more problems? It seems like one thing or another is always happening to them.

They wanted to go through Edom and the king wouldn’t let them? What’s with that king? Doesn’t he know who he’s dealing with? After all, those Israelites have me on their side.

Yes, I’m listening person.

So the Israelites had to go along the route to the Red Sea in order to go around Edom, and they grew impatient and started complaining again.

Weren’t they going the wrong direction? I might start complaining too.

I am listening.

The Israelites complained that there was no bread or water, and they were really sick of that manna stuff.

I guess the Lord was sick of their complaining because He sent venomous snakes among them and some people got bit and died.

I guess it takes a lot to get those people’s attention.

The people went to Moses and admitted that they’d sinned against him and against the Lord, and asked Moses to pray to the Lord to take the snakes away.

Then the Lord told Moses to make a bronze snake and put it on a pole. When anyone was bitten by a snake and looked at the bronze snake he would live.

That must have been some magical snake. Maybe we should get one like that.

What do you mean we have one like that in a way?

Jesus was lifted up like the snake? Jesus isn’t a snake.

Oh. Jesus said that just as Moses lifted up the snake in the desert He would be lifted up, so that everyone who believes in Him may have eternal life.

But person, it’s almost Christmas time when Jesus comes as a little baby. Why would anyone lift up a little baby like that?

Jesus grew up? Really? I hope he doesn’t grow up too fast. I want to make sure to get my Christmas presents.


Oh, I almost forgot. Speaking of being lifted up, I got so excited about Christmas coming that I almost forgot that I have something to celebrate today. Today is National Mutt Day. So I thought I would show you a picture of one of my favorite mutts.


Shouldn’t I get some presents for National Mutt Day? After all, this is my special day.


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Too Many Snakes

English: Moses and Aaron Appear before Pharaoh...

English: Moses and Aaron Appear before Pharaoh (Ex. 6:26-30, 7:1-10) Русский: Моисей и Аарон перед фараоном (Исх. 6:26-30, 7:1-10) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

So person, a whole week ago Pharaoh was being even meaner to the Israelites, and they were mad at Moses and Moses was mad at God. So is God finally going to give Pharaoh what for, or not?

God told Moses what? That He would redeem Israel with an outstretched arm and mighty acts of judgment? Okay God, bring it on. Give that mean old Pharaoh what for!

I’m listening to the story, person. Can’t I help cheer God on?

God told Moses to tell the Israelites that He would take them out of Egypt and bring them to the land that He had promised to their fathers Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob. But the Israelites wouldn’t listen to Moses because of their discouragement and cruel bondage.

Then God told Moses to tell Pharaoh to let the Israelites go. But Moses said if the Israelites wouldn’t listen to him then why would Pharaoh listen.

Why doesn’t God just come down and give Pharaoh what for?

I’m listening person, but I really want to see God zap Pharaoh.

Well God convinced Moses and his brother Aaron to go talk to Pharaoh, and said to them that when Pharaoh tells them to perform a miracle that Aaron should throw his staff down and it will become a snake.

Was that like the snake that was in our driveway awhile back?

I’m listening.

Aaron threw his staff down and it became a snake, but the Egyptian magicians turned their staffs into snakes too.

Yikes, that’s a lot of snakes.

What? Aaron’s snake swallowed up all the other snakes? So there was only one snake?

So did Pharaoh let the Israelites go?

What! He didn’t? His heart was hard and he wouldn’t listen? That’s not fair.

I don’t think Pharaoh is very scared of snakes. So when is God really going to give Pharaoh what for? He sure is taking His time.

I bet Pharaoh would be scared of my snake. Can we go outside now? I need to see if that snake came back to our driveway so I can send it over to Pharaoh.


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The Snake that Ate Too Much

Yucca shootAwhile back I was really worried about the big snake in my yard. I was afraid that it was going to reach out and get me when I wasn’t looking.

Well, I think that snake got something, but I’m not sure what. Whatever it was, that snake didn’t know when to quit. It ate and ate and it got so full it couldn’t even stand up anymore.






Look what happened to it.

Fallen Yucca Stalk

And there were other snakes too.

Yuccas in Bloom

There must have been some really good snake food because whatever it was, they all ate it.

I think it might have been popcorn they ate, and when they were hanging out in the sun it popped inside them.

Whatever it was, I’m glad they ate it because now they’re so heavy that they’ll never be able to get me. I can move faster than all of them.

But I think I learned something from this. No more popcorn for me. Can you imagine what I’d look like if it popped inside me?

Nope. I’m leaving it out for snake bait.

Yucca and Moon

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Strange Visitors

Bongo with Toy SnakeWe had some visitors yesterday. Actually we had one visitor and then another visitor came over to see the first visitor. And they both stayed in the yard and didn’t come in the house to see me.

And my person didn’t let me out of the house to see them. I was not pleased.

At first I couldn’t figure out what my person was doing outside. She usually comes right in the house when she gets home from somewhere, but this time she hung around outside. I think she got her camera out, but I couldn’t see for sure. What could be so interesting outside our garage?

Then the neighbor came over. I don’t know this neighbor, but my person does. He comes up on weekends sometimes and stays at my friend Timmy’s house – the dog that lives across the street – but he doesn’t go for walks with Timmy so I just know Timmy’s regular people.

When a person that I don’t know comes in the yard I bark. I have to protect my house after all. So when this neighbor came over I jumped up and down on the couch in front of the window and barked.

You know what happened? My person ignored me. And I still didn’t know what they were doing out there.

My person finally came in the house and I found out what was going on. Someone had come up to the house to visit me and my person wouldn’t let my visitor inside the house. I am so bummed.

Bull Snake

Bull Snake

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This Blog Hop is brought to you by Alfie’s BlogSnoopy’s Dog BlogMy Brown Newfies and Luna, A Dog’s Life.


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Snake Alert

Yucca shootThere’s a snake in my yard! It’s getting bigger by the day. I think an invisible snake charmer is calling it out of my yucca plant.

Maybe it’s good that it’s coming out of the plant. At least I know where it is. That would be terrible if I happened to walk by that yucca plant, you know, getting ready to do my business or something – and that snake jumped out at me.

Did you jump when I said that? I’m getting scared just thinking about it.

The worst thing is that a second snake is starting to come out of that plant now. How many more snakes might be hiding in there? I hope that invisible snake charmer gets busy and calls all of them out.

In the meantime, I think my person is going to have to take me for extra walks on my trails instead of letting me out in the yard. I hardly ever see snakes on my trails.

Hey person, I don’t think you want to take a chance that that snake might get me. I don’t care if it’s dark. I think you’d better take me out on my trails right now.


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Squeaky Snake

Bongo and SnakeSqueaky toys are my favorite. I love to bite down on them and listen to the noise they make. One of my best squeaky toys is a long snake. It has squeaks at both ends so I can squeak the head and I can squeak the tail. What’s even better is that it has replaceable squeakers – so it never runs out of squeak. I just have to remind my person to put new squeakers in it sometimes.

When I first got the snake I wasn’t sure what to do with it, so I took it outside. I like taking my toys outside. My person caught on to this so now she makes me drop my toys before she’ll open the door. Anyway, she hadn’t yet got smart about this when I got the snake and I was able to get it outside. I had a lot of fun with it out there.

I wouldn’t tell my person what I did with it, and since it was new she didn’t want me to lose it. She went out in the yard looking for it. She had to look real hard for it, but I guess I didn’t bury it deep enough. She found it by the tail that was still sticking out of the ground.


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