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Bongo sniffing below a treeMy trails are filled with treasures, and some of them are going to make me rich.

So rich that I will be supplied with treats for life.

First I found a money tree, then I found pearls, and now diamonds!

These diamonds are small, so I’m checking carefully to make sure I’ve found them all.

Diamonds are valuable, so I can trade each one of them for a truckload of tasty treats.

Just look at these diamonds!

They’re scattered all over the ground around here.

Drops of clear pitch on the ground

Some diamond lover could use these to make a necklace, or a beautiful bracelet, or even a diamond ring.

Maybe I should keep some of these in case I want to give a ring to one of my girlfriends.

No, wait. Never mind. I’m sure any girlfriend that I have would prefer the treats to the diamonds. Besides, it would have to be something like an earring for any girlfriend of mine to be able to wear it.

Hey, what’s this?

I don’t believe it! Just what I was looking for.

Clear pitch shaped like an earring

A diamond earring!

I can give this to one of my girlfriends and she can wear it.

And it’s even sticky. What a bonus! It will stick right to her ear.

Which girlfriend should I give it to?

On second thought – would anyone like to trade an earring for some treats?

That way all my girlfriends will be happy.

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Click here for more great pet blogs.


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