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Souvenirs of Battle

Bongo sniffing in the washThere was a battle here last night.

I can smell it.

Right here in the wash on my trails.

I wonder who won.

I can imagine what happened.

Wild boys shooting each other.

“Pow! You’re hit.”

“No, I got you.”

“It bounced off me and didn’t leave a mark.”

“I’ll get you this time.”

“Ouch! That one stung.”

There’s something I can’t figure out though.

I guess those boys must be really rich.

They use pearls for weapons.

I found one here a couple days ago.

Today there were bunches.

Airsoft pellet in a crevice

I found them in cracks.

Airsoft pellet among leaves

And stuck among old leaves.

They were everywhere.

Either those boys are so rich they don’t care about their pearls, or they couldn’t find them all in the hidey hole places they went.

I don’t know who won the battle, but I do know one thing.

Bongo with airsoft pellets

I got the pearls so I’m the true winner.

Anyone want to trade a pearl for some treats?


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