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The Aliens are Gone?

Stacked RocksYesterday I told you about a spot on my trails that I couldn’t investigate because it was guarded by aliens.

So I had to check out other parts of my trails to see if I could find any clues as to who those aliens were.

I found a clue, but I didn’t get to the bottom of my investigation.

Well, today the aliens were gone and I was able to make a direct investigation of that spot.



Bongo near a stacked rock

Hmmm. That’s a strange looking rock up there.

Definitely looks like it belongs to aliens.

I’ll have to investigate further.

Bongo sniffing a rock

Here’s another strange rock.

Let me see if I can sniff out any clues.

Bongo checking a stacked pile of rocks

A whole pile of rocks. Hmmm.

Bongo sniffing a rock

And another one.

Wait! Wait just a minute!

I’m sniffing something strange.

I think I may have figured this out.

Let me see if my theory is correct.

Bongo with his head against a standing rock

I don’t believe it!

I know what happened here.

These rocks are the aliens!

The aliens turned into solid rock.

I can’t even knock this one over.

Maybe if I water it it will come back to life.

Rock with a wet spot

Nope, that alien is still staying solid as a rock.

Bongo walking away from the rocks

I guess it’s safe to leave this spot.

These aliens aren’t going anywhere.


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Strange Spots

Prickly pear cactus with spotsThis is highly unusual. I’ve never seen a prickly pear cactus on my trails before with spots like this.

It’s downright suspicious if you ask me.

How did these spots get here, and what do they mean?

Could this cactus have a spot causing disease?

I certainly hope not, because that would mean these spots could spread all over my trails.

Can you imagine every cactus on my trails bearing spots?

And then what happens if those spots jump even further – if they jump onto another kind of cactus, or hop onto the bushes or trees.

This is terrible! What if, when I’m leaving a message for my friends, one of those spots jumps off a bush and lands on me?

What would I do then?

This is getting really serious. I’d better put on my Detective Dog hat and investigate.

Bongo looking cool with his Detective Dog hat on

That’s better. Now I’m seeing things a little more clearly.

Wait! What is this?

I’ve got it now.

Those spots aren’t the beginning of an infectious disease at all.

This is much worse.

This is the beginning of an invasion of a far more dangerous kind.

I’d better put together an army of dogs to combat this.

This is no cactus!

prickly pear cactus with drawings to look like an alien


This is an alien in disguise!


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