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Missing Baby

Bongo sniffing a stroller on the side of the trailHmmm.

What’s this parked on the side of my trail?

Isn’t this one of those things that babies ride around in?

But something’s missing.

There’s no baby in here.

This is bad. This is really bad.

Who knows what could happen to a baby crawling around by itself on my trails.


All kinds of things could happen to it.

A coyote could get that baby. Or a javelina.

Even those ravens that circle around here are pretty big.

Or that baby could get stuck by pricklers from a cactus.

And how is a baby going to find its way home?

I bet it’s lost out there.

Maybe I can get some clues about that baby from this stroller thing.

Bongo sniffing the stroller's wheel

Nope. I don’t smell any babies on this wheel.

One of my friends left me a message though.

Bongo in front of the stroller

Come on person. We’ve gotta go look for that baby before something happens.

Let’s go!

Bongo looking away from the stroller

I think the baby went that a way.


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