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You Don’t Want That

Bongo looking like he really wants somethingYou don’t want that, do you?

You already ate some and that one’s just sitting there. I don’t think you’re hungry anymore.

You’re not going to give it to me? Why not?

You’re going to take it with you?

But it will get cold, and dried up, and shriveled.

You’d better give it to me.

It’s just sitting there on the table.

You don’t want it anyway.

Bongo with a begging look

Where are you taking that?

You’re not putting it in the fridge, are you?

It’ll sit there and turn hard. Then nobody will eat it. You’ll throw it out and it will go to waste.

You’d better give it to me.

A burger and Bongo's nose

What? Wait – that’s getting awfully close to my nose.

You’re not teasing me, are you?

Is it really for me?

It’s for me?

Bongo taking a bite of a burger

Woo hoo! Mine!

A note to all my readers out there: No dog was harmed by eating this burger. You actually saw me eat burger shaped dog food. I would never in any way, shape, or form, ever consider eating anything unhealthy.


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