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Got Boots?

Bongo with a begging lookYesterday my person left me home alone all day.


No walk – no nothing. She seems to be doing that a lot lately.

I didn’t tell her I went on a walk with my friend Toby.

I want to make her feel guilty because she didn’t get home until after dark.

And then you know what she did?

She told me it was my fault that she left me all day.

She says I’ve taken her on so many walks that I wore out her hiking boots and she had to get new ones.

So she decided to look for boots near where my younger person lives and visit him while she was down there.

I don’t believe it! My person went to visit my younger person and left me at home.

At least she didn’t use her new hiking boots while she was there. She says it’s still too hot outside at my younger person’s house.

So today I got to help my person test her new boots.

Bongo in front of hiking boots

I took her and those new boots out on my trails and she said they worked really well.

She even says her new boots get better traction than her old boots because the old ones were so worn out.

If those boots get better traction that means my person can go more places.

I think I might have to help my person do some more testing of those boots.

I wonder if they’ll stick to steep rocks.


Bongo looking over the boots mischievously

Let me see where I can drag take my person now.


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The Case of the Boots

Bongo and a BootI think it’s time to put on my Detective Dog hat. I haven’t worn it in awhile. But today I saw the strangest thing on my trails – or actually at the trailhead before I got to my trails.






A pair of boots in the dirt

A pair of boots.

Why would anybody leave a pair of boots here? I mean, boots are made for walking aren’t they? My person wears boots whenever she takes me out on my trails.

Yeah I know, I don’t need boots, and neither do any of my dog friends. But people are different. They’re wimps. They get out there with their soft little feet and go ooch, ouch, this is hot – or this is too prickly – or a snake might bite me.

Something must be seriously wrong for a person to leave a pair of boots here.

I’d better check them out. Maybe I can get some clues.

Bongo sniffing a boot

Maybe there’s a suspicious odor around these boots.

Bongo sniffing near a boot

Not much here, but at least now if I see a person on my trails without any boots – especially one that’s gimping along and complaining about pricklers and things – I’ll be able to smell their feet and I’ll know if that person belongs to these boots.


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