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Travelling Afar

Bongo in the 4RunnerSometimes I go travelling in a car.







And sometimes I travel by foot.

Bongo heading down the trail

I’ve never before travelled so far that I couldn’t come back the same day.

But this time I went a whole lot further.

I’m not even sure how I got there.

I don’t remember getting there.

But I was there – I know it.

I have proof.

I really went there.

I really did go to Sydney.

I went and hung out with a bunch of friends.

My person says it takes hours and hours to get there from here – even if you go on a big jet.

I don’t remember hours and hours and I don’t remember anything about a big jet, so there must be another way.

My person told me there is another way.

She says I probably went there in my dreams.

Bongo curled up in his kennel

That must be it!

I never knew you could really travel somewhere in your dreams.

I guess I learned something today.

Because I’m not making this up.

I did really go there.

I’ve got proof.

And if you don’t believe me, click here.

See, I really was in Sydney, wasn’t I?

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Unexpected Blog Blessings

How God Worked Through a Dog Blog


Bongo's face in front of the computerYour friends are what, person?

They’re stuck in Sydney and they don’t know when they can come home?

One of them is in the hospital?

And they don’t know anybody there?

That’s terrible!

Sydney is where?

The other side of the world?

Wait a minute.

Sydney. Isn’t that where my friend Bubba lives?

You know. Bubba!

Bubba on the computer screen

She’s always sending me little girl loves.

Sydney isn’t that far away.

It’s just beyond my trails somewhere.

I know that because I see her on my your computer all the time.

She couldn’t send me loves if she was too far away.

I bet Bubba could go give your friends some loves.

And her dogs Bella and Beary could help.

Bongo looking at Bella and Beary on the computer screen

Your friends would like that for sure.

Hey, I just realized Beary looks a lot like my neighbor dog Toby.

I guess that makes sense. Toby is an Australian dog.

Maybe Toby could visit your friends too.


You did what, person?

You contacted Bubba’s mumma and she went to help your friends?

You know that wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for me and my blog.

Well, and Bubba’s and her mumma’s blog too.

We’ve really found a lot of great friends through this blog, haven’t we?

Wait! What?

Your friends are going to get to hang out with Bubba in a few days?

No fair!

If I go to the hospital can I go to Sydney and see Bubba too?


For all my other great friends who read this blog, you can visit Bubba (and her mumma, and Bella and Beary) at

You might have to wait until my person’s friends come back home to visit them though.


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