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New Tags

Tag with chain hanging on a trail cairnWhat’s this?

There’s some kind of label on my trail cairn.

It’s never been here before.

I wonder what it’s supposed to do.

Maybe each trail cairn is going to get its own special tag.

Then when someone gives directions on my trails they don’t have to say, “Follow the cairns to the end of the trail.”

They could say, “Go past the red tagged cairn and turn left at the blue tagged cairn.”

That would make it so much easier to give directions.

Unless you forgot which tags were on which cairns.


If you told someone the wrong thing they might get really lost. They might end up at the trail that ends in a big hole instead of at the trail where they could climb a mountain like they really wanted to do.

Whoever put that tag on there needs to come up with something better.

But how am I going to tell them? I don’t even know who put that tag there.

Maybe if I sniff around I can find some clues.

Bongo sniffing trail cairn

I don’t know.

There’s been so many messages left here (including some of my old ones) that I don’t know if I’ll ever sort it all out.

Wait. What’s this?

This tag has another side.

Necklace on tag on cairn

The other side is a necklace.

And it says, “PASS IT ON!”

I’ve got it now.

This tag wasn’t left here to label the cairn – this necklace was left here for me.

So I could pass it on to the next one of my girlfriends that I see.

I wonder who my lucky girlfriend will be.


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Rocks on Rocks

Bongo sniffing a cairn with extra rocks on topHmm. This is strange.

For a long time there have been trail markers on my trails so people know which way to go.

They’re mostly just a big pile of rocks, but the rocks have heavy wire around them so the pile keeps its shape and the rocks don’t get knocked all over the place.

People need this kind of thing. I think they’d find it much easier if they’d learn from us dogs.

Follow the smells.

But look what I found.

This pile of rocks has another pile of rocks on top of it.

What’s that supposed to mean?

Is it for people who don’t get it the first time and need to be told twice?

Or maybe it’s for really tall people who don’t see the regular trail marker because it’s so far below them.

Or it might just be a waste of good rocks.

And look at this.

Bongo looking at a rock on a cairn

Here’s another one.

I’ve figured it out now.

This isn’t a double trail marker to help people follow the trails.

The rocks on top mean something else.

Instead of sticking to the trails these rocks are telling people to go up.

Trail cairn with an extra rock on top

I think they’re for the birds.

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