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The Can

Squashed Soup CanI don’t know what you’re talking about person. What can? Where?

Oh, that one. My younger person’s been home this weekend. He’s the one who eats the stuff in those cans. He never saves any for me. He probably left that can there.

I don’t know why he’d squash that can. Maybe he was bored. Or maybe he was angry and he took it out on that can.

What tooth marks? Where?

On the other side of the can? Then it couldn’t have been me. I can’t even see the other side of the can. Maybe my younger person poked the can with a nail or something.

Besides, how come you’re always asking me? Did you ask Scratchy? He’s got sharp teeth. And claws too. Have you ever met up with those claws?

I bet Scratchy could too have squished that can. Have you ever seen him when he’s mad?

Person, I don’t know how you could possibly think I did it. See, I’ve just been sitting here innocently chewing on my snake the whole time.

Bongo playing with a toy snake near the squashed can

Besides, there was hardly anything left to lick in that can.


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