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Trail Danger

Down the TrailI was heading down my trail and I realized they were everywhere. All over my trails.

I don’t want to get near that nasty plant.

I think somebody put that plant there on purpose – so everybody would stay in the center of the trail and not wander off in the bushes.

Because if you wander off in the bushes you might not come back.

That plant has a reputation for catching its victims and holding on to them.

And never letting them go.

I bet if I wandered far enough into the bushes – if I managed to make it, that is – I’d find skeletons being held by that plant.

Skeletons of animals or people that tried to escape, but couldn’t.

Animals or people that died in the clutches of that plant and are stuck forever.

Yikes! This is scary. I sure hope that plant doesn’t get overgrown onto my trails and try to grab me.

I don’t want to go back home yet, but I sure don’t want to be stuck in the clutches of one of those things.

These plants look innocent enough.

Catclaw flower

That’s how they fool you into getting too close.

Catclaw flowers

But these plants have a horrible name for a horrible reason.

They’re called Catclaw.

And I have firsthand experience with catclaws. The animal kind.

Catclaw thorns

And these thorns look almost the same.

Yikes! I’ll be walking carefully back home now.

If you don’t see a blog post from me tomorrow, could somebody please come check the bushes on my trails?


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