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Don’t Sniff the Cactus

Bongo and a Prickly PearToday was tour guide day on my trails. And I got loves for payment – even though I let my person give the people directions.

I would have given the directions if she’d let me, but I couldn’t get a word in edgewise – and she wouldn’t let me off my leash. I could have led them right up the path.

We got the first group on their way and then we met some more people. They were from Chicago. I’m not sure where Chicago is, but it must be a strange place because they don’t have any cactus there.

And one of those people asked my person a question. “How do you keep a dog from sniffing cactus?”

She should have asked me that because I have the answer. It only takes one time.

But really, dogs don’t need to sniff cactus because nobody leaves their messages on them. Well, maybe once – but then they never do it again.

So if I do notice a message on a cactus I know it’s probably from a Chicago dog, or a new pup – but never from one of my friends.

You see that tree over there?

Scents on Sugarloaf

That’s where all the messages are.

And that’s why we Arizona dogs don’t sniff cactus.


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