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Do Not Cross

Bongo behind a strip of Caution TapeWhat’s this thing here?

It’s what?

It’s “Do not Cross” tape?

I never heard of that. You’re making it up, person. Since when am I not supposed to go somewhere on my trails?

I know we never go here, but today this is where I want to go.

I know that “Do not Cross” tape is in the way. But look, it’s not very long. I can take you around it. Come on, let’s go.

Who hangs out up there?

The coyotes? Well of course they do. I’m tracking them now. That’s why I want to go this way. Come on, let’s go!

Person, you are taking this “Do not Cross” tape thing far too seriously. If you don’t want to go then let go of my leash so I can go. I’m sure you can find your way home on your own.

Okay fine. I’ll go back with you. I certainly wouldn’t want you to get lost. Without you I’d have no way of getting my food out of the garage.

Tomorrow I’m hanging that “Do not Cross” tape somewhere else.


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