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The Fry

Bongo looking aroundWait! What?

Yeah, I know my younger person is coming home. He comes home every weekend.

He what!?

He’s not going away again in a couple days?

He’s here for a whole month?

Oh oh – I mean, yay, he’ll be here for a whole month.

Hmm. He yells at me when I try to pull mischief on my person. What to do? What to do?

I’m going to have to get sneakier with my mischief. It’s hard enough now when I keep getting locked up in dog jail.

Now I’ve got to work even harder.


First, let’s see.

My younger person always has food around. There’s got to be a way to get some of it.

Bongo looking at food while his younger person looks on

How can I get at that food without him seeing me?

Oh look, he’s going to give me some.Younger person holding up a french fry for Bongo

Want the fry! Want the fry!

Oh please, hurry and give me that.

Can’t you see I’m drooling here?

I can already taste it.

Bongo looking disappointed

I don’t believe it!

He ate it.


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