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He Said

Gizmo and Scratchy on the back of the couchThere’s something not fair around here.

Totally not fair.

Those cats I live with are always allowed on the furniture.

Anytime and anywhere.

But if I try to get on the furniture – the nice, comfy furniture – I get yelled at and told to get down.

Is that unfair, or what?


Sometimes I sneak onto the furniture when my person isn’t looking.

But the problem is that the furniture is so comfy that I don’t always wake up when my person comes near.

It’s really embarrassing when I get kicked off the furniture and the cats get to stay.

I feel like a second class citizen around here.

And we all know that dogs rule over cats.

We all know that, right?

I didn’t hear you.

Well, never mind.

Because I figured out a way to get past the problem.

I found myself an ally.

Bongo and his younger person on the futon

Person, don’t even try to kick me off.

He said I could.


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