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Acorns and Insects

Bongo next to scrub oaksYou want me to put on my Nature Dog hat again? Already?

I think I’ll just stand by this bush instead.

This looks natury enough for a nature talk. Okay, here goes.

We don’t have oak trees on my trails, but we do have acorns.

They grow on these bushes called Scrub Oaks.



I took my person for a walk in the wash today and the scrub oaks along the wash have more acorns on them than other scrub oaks on my trails. I guess because they get more water.

My person thinks those acorns are pretty. I kind of wish she didn’t because she keeps stopping to take pictures of them.

But acorns aren’t the only things these scrub oaks have.

Somebody must think they needed more decoration so they hung some ornaments on the leaves.

Peach colored round gall

These things hanging on the leaves are called galls.

Splotchy round gall

I think it’s kind of an ugly name for something so pretty.

white with red stripes round gall

I don’t know what the official name of this one is, but I’m calling it a peppermint gall.

These galls are made by insects that either hang out on the plant or lay their eggs there and cause the plant to grow over them. Then those insects hang out in their nice, cozy home until they’re ready to poke their little heads out and see what’s out there. They bore little holes in the galls to get out.

This next gall probably explains why they’ve got that name. There are more of these than any other kind on the scrub oaks on my trails.

grayish brown odd shaped galls

I call these galls Ugly Galls.

I sure hope I never see one of the bugs that lives in there.


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