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Secretary Dog

Bongo the SecretaryWhat do you think I am, a secretary?

My person and I were walking along my trails today and all of a sudden she started mumbling. She started talking about the things she needed to remember to do when she got back home.

Hasn’t she learned anything from me yet? She’d be much better off if she would enjoy the moment – like dogs do. All that stuff she has to do at home – that can wait until she gets home. She shouldn’t even be thinking about it when we’re out on my trails.

She started saying something about remembering to do the laundry, and then you know what she did? She asked me to help her remember to do the laundry. Me, of all dogs!

Do you think I care if she does the laundry? I actually think she shouldn’t do the laundry. Her clothes smell better after she’s worn them– and then she washes them and takes all that good smell away.

What’s even worse is when she washes one of my toys. She practically ruins it and it takes me a long time to get the right smell back in it.

Maybe I should help her forget to do the laundry. Or maybe I can knock over the laundry detergent so she can’t do the laundry.

Or better yet, I’ll take her on a very long walk on my trails. It’ll be dark when we get back and you can’t do the laundry in the dark – can you?


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