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National Ice Cream Day

Chocolate ice cream in an ice cream makerYesterday was National Ice Cream Day.

So my person decided to celebrate the day by making me some homemade ice cream.

At least I thought she was making me some homemade ice cream.

She started cooking up all the ingredients.

It smelled good, but there was something missing.

A really important smell.

I wanted to make sure my person hadn’t forgotten the special ingredient so I asked her if she remembered to put the fish in.

She looked at me really funny.

I guess that means she forgot.

I tried to convince her that there was still time to put it in and she told me there were no fish in Mexican Chocolate ice cream.

Mexican Chocolate?!

That sounds like a flavor for a Chihuahua – not for a big dog like me.

I tried to explain to my person that since she was making this ice cream for me she should make my favorite flavor.

And you know what she told me?

My person said this was not National Dog Ice Cream Day and Mexican Chocolate is my younger person’s favorite flavor.

And since my younger person is home for the weekend my person is making his favorite flavor to celebrate National Ice Cream Day.

But, but…

My younger person isn’t even here right now. He’s over at a friend’s.

I’m here. Don’t you think you should make the favorite flavor of the one who stays home and hangs out with you?

I jumped up and down and did everything I could to try to convince my person to make my favorite flavor.

All to no good.

And then you know what she told me?

Bongo with his nose up to the ice cream dish

Dogs aren’t allowed to eat chocolate.

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