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Treasure on the Trail

Tiny florescent yellow ball among red rocksThis is really awesome! This is so cool!

Yesterday I found a money tree on my trails and today a found a pearl.

A trail pearl.

How many people find pearls on trails?

My person says pearls are usually found near the ocean. In something called oysters.

I’ve never seen the ocean and I have no clue what an oyster is.

But I do know that pearls are valuable and I’ve found one. Right here on my trails.

Now I’ve got to figure out what to do with my trail pearl.

I’ve got lots of money to buy all the treats I want from the money tree I found.

So I’m going to have to use this pearl to buy something special.

Like maybe a trip to the ocean so I can find some more pearls.

Or better yet, why don’t I just bring the ocean here. I’ll build a swimming pool in my backyard and put oysters in it.

And I can go swimming anytime I want.

And have pool parties too. I could invite all my dog friends over for pool parties.

With lots of treats that I bought with all the money from my money tree.

What, person?

What do you mean that’s not a pearl? Of course it’s a pearl.

What else could it be?

They’re what?

All over my yard in different colors?

You mean I’m really rich? I have different colored pearls in my own yard?

I wonder which color is worth the most. Probably the one I found on my trails because it’s so pearly looking.

What do you mean my younger person left those pearls in my yard? Is my younger person rich and I didn’t know it?

Airsoft pellets? What are those?

Are they anything like pearls?

Little plastic pellets from an airsoft gun? And they’re hardly worth anything?

I don’t believe you person. You’re just saying that so you can keep all the pearls to yourself.

Bongo looking down the trail

I’ll be out looking for more pearls.

You can’t fool me.


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