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I Didn’t Do It

Police Car in Parking LotAs I headed to my trails today I noticed that the parking lot was full of cars. This happens a lot on my trails but today those cars looked different than the cars I usually see.

Is that a police car?

At first I thought maybe some police officers were taking a break and decided to go for a hike.

But then I started looking around at all the other vehicles in the parking lot.

I saw Sheriff’s vehicles.

Sheriff Vehicle

Several of them.

I started getting worried.

I hadn’t done anything wrong so I thought maybe my person had and they were looking for her.

I thought maybe I shouldn’t take her on my trails after all.

My person insisted we go for a walk, but I worried the whole time. What would I do if those police officers and sheriff’s deputies found her and took her away?

I’d be out on my trails alone.

Alone? Hey, that might be fun. I could run free without having to take my person on a leash.

Oh, but wait a minute. Maybe those police officers are trying to trick me into running free so they can pick me up.

I think I’ll head back home now with my person – where it’s safe.

Bongo on the bed

I didn’t do anything officer. Truly I didn’t.

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