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Silly String

Bongo covered with Silly StringI think my younger person tried to tie me up. He had this can and he started spraying stuff out of it.

That stuff looked like string, and he sprayed it all over me.

I know he wanted to tie me up, but I guess my younger person underestimated me.

That string couldn’t hold a lick to me. I could break right through it, piece of cake.

Did I say cake? Is there cake around here?

Oh. Never mind.

Back to that string.


Bongo looking at Silly String on the floor

I wrestled that string to the floor. And there it lay.

Now what?

Scratchy likes to play with string. And he’s not as strong as me.

I could get him interested in playing with that stuff and then wrap him up in it.

He’d be wrapped like a cocoon before he knew what hit him.

Hey, wait!

What’s my younger person doing?

Bongo looking up with string on his back

Why’d you put the string up there?

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Click here for more great pet blogs.


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