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Cool Car

Boy in a lime green toy carAs I headed home from my trails today, there it was.

The coolest lime green car you’ve ever seen.

And one of my little friends was inside.

He got that car for Christmas because he was a good boy.

I’m a good dog.

Where’s my car?

I could too step on those pedals and drive it.

Bongo checking out the car

Those pedals aren’t that far in there.

I could reach them.

Bongo sniffing the seat of the car

I decided I’d better check this car out thoroughly before taking it for a spin.

You never know who might have been in here before me.

So I got the car checked out and decided it was time to get in.

Move over little friend. Make sure there’s enough room for me.

Boy holding Bongo at arm's length

Wait! What?

What do you mean, you don’t trust my driving?


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