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Where’s the Cute Girls?

Bongo and FriendsI really hoped I could find some cute girls to get loves from for Valentine’s Day.

Person, you’ve got to take me somewhere. Anywhere – as long as I can find cute girls there who will give me loves. What would people think if I didn’t get any loves from cute girls for Valentine’s Day? It would spoil my reputation.

Well, guess what! My person took me out and we headed for my trails. As we were about to enter the parking lot a blue Subaru pulled in ahead of us. We walked past the car just as people got out of it – and I was so surprised! One of the people from the car is my friend – a friend that I’ve never seen on my trails before. And not just any friend mind you – this person is the cute girl kind of friend.

But it gets even better because my friend had a friend with her and she is also in the cute girl category. My trails really are heaven. Not only do I get to go on walks and smell all the smells, but I got loves from two cute girls at the same time.

Perfect for Valentine’s Day! What more could anydog ask?


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