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What Are They Doing Here?

Parked vehicle with kayaks on topI’ve been finding some strange things in the parking lot of my trails lately.

Take this vehicle for instance.

What in the world would anyone be bringing kayaks to my trails for?

There’s no water anywhere on my trails.

Well, sometimes my puddle is there but it’s been missing for a long time.

And sometimes the wash gets filled if it’s been raining a lot.

But even then, I don’t think I’d want to take a kayak down it.

Those kayaks would scrape bottom and probably get big holes in them – and then they’d sink.

Well no, I guess they wouldn’t sink.

The water isn’t deep enough.


I decided to give up on why those kayaks would be anywhere near my trails when I ran across another mystery.

Vehicles with words about windows

This is even worse than kayaks.

There’s not a single window on my trails.

Well, I did see a piece of broken glass – but it didn’t need washing.

I think these two vehicles are in cohorts with each other.

But that might depend on if a man or a woman is driving that car.

I might have to wait to find out who shows up because I’m not sure if the driver is a Window Man or a Wind Woman.

If it’s a Wind Woman I might never find out.

She may have blown away.


While I was busy contemplating what had happened to the Wind Woman I saw something else.

And I’ve got a serious problem with the driver of this car.

MYEARTH license plate

I guess you can claim most of the earth for yourself…

But these trails are mine!

Got it?



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