Church Invite

23 Jun

Bongo next to a church invite on the trailI was walking along on my trails, minding my own business – when I spotted it.

An invite to church.

And I came to the only logical conclusion.

Since the invite is on my trails, and lots of dogs walk on my trails, someone obviously is inviting dogs to church.

So I told my person it was about time she took me to church.

And you know what she said?

She said this invite wasn’t to the church she goes to, and she wasn’t going to take me there.

This is bad.

This is really bad.


I had to find a way to get to church.

Bongo sniffing behind the church invite

I checked for messages.

Maybe one of my dog friends was offering rides to this church that invited us.

No such luck though.

And you know what my person did on Sunday morning?

She locked me in dog jail and drove off to her church.

It’s about time her church starting inviting dogs.

But I think they did and somehow I missed getting my invitation.

Or maybe my person hid it from me.

Because when she got home she told me there were five dogs at church.

My person is always pulling mischief on me like this.

And to make matters worse, she even saw a friend who was visiting from a long ways away that asked about me.

I know he would have liked to meet me in person in dog for real and give me the hug he told my person to give me for him.

All I can say is that next week I’m expecting six dogs at church.

And one of them had better be me.

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29 responses to “Church Invite

  1. fredrieka

    June 23, 2014 at 11:53 am

    Jesus always had animals around him.. So why not have church out side and bring dogs. My friend took her cat to get blessed so why not a dog? Woof not fair, those cats again.

    • Bongo

      June 23, 2014 at 12:54 pm

      Fredrieka, I totally agree with you. My person says she’s never seen a cat at her church but sometimes there are dogs. For some reason I never get to go. Well, I have been there a few times but never on Sunday morning when bunches of people are there.

  2. angelswhisper2011

    June 23, 2014 at 12:35 pm

    Make that 6 dogs and a cat, Bongo 😉 Pawkiss 🙂

    • Bongo

      June 23, 2014 at 12:55 pm

      That’s for sure Little Binky. We both should get to go to church.

  3. ThatJenK

    June 23, 2014 at 1:06 pm

    A church here does an annual blessing of the animals every October – too bad it’s only once/year!

  4. marina kanavaki

    June 23, 2014 at 3:04 pm

    Well, indeed, Bongo – after all these lessons you’ve been having and so many Sundays of listening to those stories, if they don’t invite you, who will they invite?!

    • Bongo

      June 23, 2014 at 3:33 pm

      You’re right Marina. I could probably teach the Sunday school class by now. Maybe even preach the sermons – or at least sing along with the worship team.

      • marina kanavaki

        June 24, 2014 at 3:12 pm

        Oh, I can hear you singing, Bongo!!!! 😉

  5. crazystacey

    June 23, 2014 at 3:14 pm

    God is Dog spelled backwards so that should insure your invitation to church but I know alot of churches do not feel that way. It does not sound like your Mom’s church is like that though. I would definately enjoy seeing a post about your first visit to church 🙂 Maybe six will be your lucky number next week!

    • Bongo

      June 23, 2014 at 3:34 pm

      Stacey, my person has taken me to church before – but never on Sunday. Maybe her pastor is afraid that I would preach a better sermon than he does.

  6. philosophermouseofthehedge

    June 23, 2014 at 3:23 pm

    Bongo you know more of the stories than many who go every weekend and don’t pay attention. I’d rather come sit with you and listen!

    • Bongo

      June 23, 2014 at 3:35 pm

      Karen, that would be so much fun. Maybe Molly and the German could come along too.

  7. Genevieve Petrillo

    June 23, 2014 at 3:52 pm

    Gah! How can you be locked in dog jail while other dogs are at church!? So unfair!

    Love and licks,

    • Bongo

      June 23, 2014 at 8:23 pm

      That’s what I say Cupcake. I think my person needs some serious retraining.

  8. Marty the Manx

    June 23, 2014 at 6:27 pm

    I believe you should go to church next week too!

    • Bongo

      June 23, 2014 at 8:28 pm

      Marty, maybe I should get all my friends to go with me.

      • Marty the Manx

        June 24, 2014 at 7:51 am

        God would love that Bongo!

  9. Dalton

    June 24, 2014 at 2:31 am

    You should start a ‘get Bongo to church campaign!’

    • Bongo

      June 24, 2014 at 10:42 pm

      Dalton, that’s the best idea yet. People would be fighting over who gets to take me.

      • Dalton

        June 25, 2014 at 1:20 am

        I’m not just a pretty face!!

  10. Rama's Mama

    June 24, 2014 at 5:00 pm

    Dogs should totally be allowed in church!

    • Bongo

      June 24, 2014 at 10:48 pm

      I totally agree with you there.

  11. snoopys@snoopysdogblog

    June 27, 2014 at 11:44 am

    Hey Bongo

    You’re so badly treated buddy!! I totally think you should be dog number 6! 🙂

    I hope you’re having a fun day,

    Your pal Snoopy 🙂

    • Bongo

      June 27, 2014 at 3:52 pm

      Snoopy, it’s getting worse. I heard that there was a dog number 6 and it wasn’t me. What to do? What to do?

  12. eripanwkevin

    June 27, 2014 at 7:57 pm

    I hope your person let you visit the church with her… Is it far from your place? You might promise her to stay there calmly, then she might take you ? 🙂

    • Bongo

      June 27, 2014 at 9:45 pm

      Angel Kevin, my person only takes me to church when she’s afraid I might destroy the house because of a thunderstorm. But now that she got me a dog jail I think she’s going to lock me up instead.


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