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Church Invite

Bongo next to a church invite on the trailI was walking along on my trails, minding my own business – when I spotted it.

An invite to church.

And I came to the only logical conclusion.

Since the invite is on my trails, and lots of dogs walk on my trails, someone obviously is inviting dogs to church.

So I told my person it was about time she took me to church.

And you know what she said?

She said this invite wasn’t to the church she goes to, and she wasn’t going to take me there.

This is bad.

This is really bad.


I had to find a way to get to church.

Bongo sniffing behind the church invite

I checked for messages.

Maybe one of my dog friends was offering rides to this church that invited us.

No such luck though.

And you know what my person did on Sunday morning?

She locked me in dog jail and drove off to her church.

It’s about time her church starting inviting dogs.

But I think they did and somehow I missed getting my invitation.

Or maybe my person hid it from me.

Because when she got home she told me there were five dogs at church.

My person is always pulling mischief on me like this.

And to make matters worse, she even saw a friend who was visiting from a long ways away that asked about me.

I know he would have liked to meet me in person in dog for real and give me the hug he told my person to give me for him.

All I can say is that next week I’m expecting six dogs at church.

And one of them had better be me.

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Thunder Ride

Bongo looking scared in the  carToday was a good and bad day.

It was bad because thunder season has officially begun and I am deathly afraid of thunder. It’s not good. It’s evil. I’m sure it’s some kind of monster coming out of the sky to get me.

So I was cowering in the hallway while the thunder was going on, but at least my person was in the house with me and nothing bad has ever happened with the thunder while she’s been here.

Still, it’s scary.

But then my person tried to go out the front door.

I thought I had her trained not to do that. When I’m left alone in thunder I try to escape it by any means possible.

I guess I was right. I do have her trained.

Because my person got my leash and took me out to the car.

Through the thunder.

It was pretty awful, but at least my person was with me.

So we rode in the car for awhile until it stopped and I had to get out.

In the thunder.

Person, you know I’m really brave doing this for you. We could have just stayed home.

But you know where we went to?

My person took me to church.

Bongo in church

And there were all kinds of books full of stories.

No wonder my person never runs out of stories to tell me.

I’m going to have to get her to take me to church more often.

Wait! On second thought, I’d better check first and make sure it doesn’t thunder at church all the time.


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Competition from the Rez

Brown DogWait a minute! Who is that dog and why is he on my blog?

He’s a what? A church dog? I thought I was the only church dog.

Okay person, what’s up?

I don’t believe this! My person finally told me where she went earlier this week when she left me at home with my younger person. She said that she and my new friend were at a church on the Navajo Reservation, and that church already has a church dog. She told me that that church dog might not like it if I tried to take over. And you know what else? That church dog is also friends with my new friend.

I’m really not liking this at all.

Brown Dog with Bongo's New Friend

You know what my person said she saw while she was there?

She saw sheep and a sheep dog. I really want to go hang out with those sheep and that sheep dog. And she saw a little black lamb right next to the highway and she was sure glad it didn’t run out in front of her vehicle. I bet I could have corralled in that little black lamb.

My person said at night she saw the Milky Way stretching all the way across the sky.

Now I’m getting hungry. That sounds like something good to eat.

Then my person said that along with the Milky Way she saw thousands of stars all over the sky.

That doesn’t make sense. Who wants stars in their food dish?

I really started getting angry because my person left me home and went to a place with all that good stuff – but then she told me one more thing.

She said along with the Milky Way and all those stars she saw lightning flashes on the horizon from a distant storm.

Thunder storm!? Yikes! Hey person, I’m sure glad you left me home.


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Church Dog

Bongo Looking InnocentI got into so much mischief on Saturday that my person had to take me to church. She made me sit quietly when there were all kinds of people to get loves from. I didn’t like it one bit.

My person left the house early on Saturday morning. She does that sometimes. Then my younger person got out of bed and he left the house too. Now it was just me and Scratchy. Scratchy never wants to play so I decided to take a nap.

Everything was going along fine until I heard it. Rain pounding down on the roof and then the most horrible of sounds. The loud clap of thunder right nearby.

I tried hiding in my person’s closet but it didn’t feel safe enough so I tried to get into the closet at the end of the hallway. I tried really hard, but I couldn’t get the door open. I decorated it though. It has a really pretty pattern on it now.

Patterned Damaged Door

Finally, I heard my person’s car pull up. I went to the door and put on my innocent face. I hoped she wouldn’t look in the hallway. She had a couple friends with her so I figured I was safe.

Oops, she looked. I’m in trouble now.

My person put on my leash and everyone got in the car. Me too. When we got out again my person said we were at the church she hangs out at a lot. I’ve never been there before so I made her take my picture with her friends, to prove I was a church dog now.

Bongo and Friends

But then she did it. This was the most horrible punishment for getting in trouble. Having to sit quietly by my person with all those people I could have gotten loves from.

I don’t want to be a church dog anymore.

Bongo stuck at a table

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Horses at Church

Painting of Horses on the ReservationMore horses person? Don’t you ever do paintings of dogs? What about painting one of me? I’m famous you know.

What? You’re no good at drawing dogs? Well, you’d better get some practice in person. I want a dog picture.

Okay, I’ll tell them about this picture. My person goes to this place where the horses are and leaves me behind. Usually I have to stay home with my younger person. I wish she’d take me along.

But person, you said there are horses and cows and lots of dogs running around where you go. Why can’t I go running around with all those dogs? I know those dogs would like me.

What? I wouldn’t be allowed to sleep inside with you? And you’re afraid I’d run after the coyotes? Coyotes are dogs, aren’t they? So what’s wrong with running after them?

Okay person, I’ll tell them where you go. These horses were outside of a church that my person sometimes visits to help the people out. She says that most of the time there are more animals around that church than people. It’s out in the middle of nowhere on the Navajo Reservation in Northern Arizona.

Hey, we live in Northern Arizona, person. Are we in the middle of nowhere?

My person says this church is way more isolated than we are. There are lots of dirt roads that you have to drive on to get there and there are no street signs so you have to go with someone who knows the way. At the church there is no running water and you have to go about a mile away to get it. The horses and cows go there to drink too. Can I go there to drink, person? What about those dogs? Do they drink there?

My person says the church has no electricity either and they have to use a generator. But she says what they do have are some great people and lots of them have become her friends.

Okay, there’s something I don’t get though. My person didn’t go there this week, but she says she is with some people who have been there with her. Okay person – who are you really with? And what are you doing? If you can’t come straight with me you’d better come home.


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Happy Birthday Arizona

Arizona Flag with HeartsHappy Valentine’s Day Birthday Arizona. I know it’s Valentine’s Day today, and I think I’ll go look for some cute girls to get some loves from – but my person told me it’s also Arizona’s birthday. She says it’s Arizona’s hundredth birthday – something called a Centennial.

Okay person, I don’t know what centennial means but if you’re asking, I don’t have ten cents to give you. Maybe you should increase my allowance – at least give me more doggie treats.

My person has been really busy on her computer the last few days and not paying much attention to me. Okay, she did stop and take me out on my trails. She says she was working on a presentation for her church on the Christian history of Arizona because it’s the Centennial. Person, I told you I don’t have any money.

She told me about this town named Tombstone that she learned some new things about. Have you heard of Tombstone? It’s kind of famous but I’ve never been there. My person says she and my younger person have – before they got me. My person says they’ve made lots of movies about Tombstone. Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday lived there, and that’s where they had the shootout at the OK Corral.

Person, is this an animal story? Why are you telling me this?

Horses? They had horses? Okay. I guess that’s good enough.

My person says Tombstone had lots of miners, cowboys, and gunslingers, – and horses, but they had something else too. She says the very first Protestant church in Arizona was built there.

Person, wouldn’t all those tough guys beat up the church people?

Really? My person says the priest who oversaw the building of the church was a boxer and nobody wanted to mess with him.

What??? You mean that church was started by a dog!!!?


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