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What Did I do with My Summer Vacation?

Bongo on the trail with flowersThis is ridiculous! My last post right before this one has snow in it.

Right now it’s so hot that if snow showed up it would sizzle away.

So I’m sneaking on the computer while my person isn’t looking and writing a new post.

Besides, today is my blogiversary.

Four years of blogging.

Well, it would have been four years if I’d actually been blogging the last few months.

So, since I haven’t posted since the snow was on the ground, and the kids who live near me are already back in school I thought I’d do a “What did I do with my Summer Vacation” kind of post.

Oh. What did I do?

Oh yeah. I got to hang out some with my little buddy.

Bongo and his buddy in dog jail

It wasn’t me. It’s his fault we’re in jail.


And my puddle came back!

And the tadpoles came with it.

Puddle with tadpoles

I’ve been watching those tadpoles grow for awhile, but for some reason my person won’t let me get in the puddle with them. No fair!

Oh yeah, and there were those two times in the dog hotel when my person went off without me.

Bongo in a jeep

But the best time I had all summer was when my person’s friend invited her to go to the creek with her – and then she invited me along too.

Bongo swimming in a creek

Bongo and a friend in the creek

Bongo and a log at the creek

There was only one problem.

Next time we need to go to a creek that has smaller sticks.


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Creepy Cloudy Days

Bongo creeping along in a wash with puddlesCloudy days can be creepy here.

You never know what you might step on when you’re creeping along in a wash.

Hey, wait a minute!

Person, you put up the wrong picture.

I don’t get creeped out in my wash. I like stepping in puddles.

Put that other picture up.


Thunder Mountain with a spot lit up

The light goes away on cloudy days.

Or it’s up way too high to reach.

This isn’t right either.

I can find my way by smelling things.

I don’t care if there’s not much light.

You’ve still got the wrong picture, person.

Sugarloaf with black dots in the sky above it

That’s better. That’s what I’m looking for.

Or is it?

That looks like you got some black dots on your lens.

I think you need to clean your camera, person.

Ravens in the sky

I think you cleaned your camera the wrong way. Now those black dots are bigger.

Oh yeah, that’s what I was talking about.

On cloudy days the ravens fly low over that rock on my trails.

They always look like they’re up to no good.

At least they don’t come down and dive bomb me but they sure flock together on days like this.

I tried to talk to those ravens and find out what they were doing up there.

I even threatened to get my Detective Dog hat and investigate.

But nothing seemed to work.

I don’t think those ravens understood what I was saying to them, because they kept repeating the same word over and over again.

I asked them if they were going to come back every cloudy day and all they said was…

Ravens Together



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Street Mushroom

Bongo on the trailStrange things pop up here sometimes in the summer after it rains.

Can you see it?

Oh wait, I guess you’re just looking at me in the picture. I can’t blame you for that.

That strange thing is pretty little. It barely shows.






Bongo's feet near a little white, round mushroom

Is that better?

You see that little round thing next to my feet?

It’s a mushroom.

Here’s some more.

Two small, round, white mushrooms in the dirt

You’d never think mushrooms would grow in Arizona, but they do.

Little tiny ones grow on my trails when it’s warm and wet around here.

Our typical summer weather.

But this year I found something even more special.

Bongo on the street near a mushroom

This wasn’t on my trails at all.

I found it right by the street. Right near my house.

It’s way bigger than all those little mushrooms I found on my trails.

Well, except for a few I found last year – but only in one spot.

This has got to be a brand new species – one that nobody has ever found before.

So here it is.

Mushroom in grass

And since I found it I’m the one that gets to name it.

This is hard. What should I call it?

Oh I know.

I found it on my street so I’m going to call it Street Mushroom.

I bet there’s no other mushroom with a name like that.


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Popular Puddle

Bongo tied to a treeThere’s really been a flurry of activity around my puddle lately.

First the tadpoles, then the toadies, then those mysterious tracks that I told you about yesterday. You know, the evidence of those strange creatures that took off with my puddle.

So today when we got to my puddle it had come back. Well, at least part of it was back.

I was so excited!


And you know what my person did? She tied me up again.

What now? The tadpoles are gone, and most of the toadies have hopped away.

Yeah, I know there’s still a few toadies around. I won’t step on them. I promise.

But today there was someone else near my puddle.


Butterflies in the mud near a puddle

And not just any butterflies. We had come across the Arizona state butterfly – the Two-tailed Swallowtail.

And those butterflies seemed to be getting pretty cozy.

Mating butterflies

Something strange was happening.

I wanted to go home and get my Nature Dog hat so I could investigate – but being tied up put a cramp in my style.

My person says these butterflies are supposed to lay single eggs on plants, but one of these butterflies seemed to be laying bunches of eggs in a mud hole.

I guess the other butterfly thought it strange too.

Two butterflies

He started dancing around. Maybe he was nervous.

But I think that butterfly beat around the bush – I mean around my puddle – a little too long.

Three butterflies

Because the competition showed up.

And now that my puddle has a butterfly party going on in it, I’m just wondering one thing.

Am I ever going to get to play in my puddle again?


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I’m a Starbucks Dog

Bongo drinking Starbucks waterI really do not like thunder. It’s one of the most horrible things there is.

But I’m thinking now that maybe there’s a good side to thunder.

Thunder has some benefits of its own.

Yesterday I got to go to church – twice – because my person didn’t want to leave me home alone while it thundered.

But today was even better.

For the first time ever, I got to go to Starbucks.

Well, I didn’t get to go in Starbucks, but they have tables outside my Starbucks – and dogs are allowed to sit there.

They even have a special Starbucks drink for dogs outside their front door.

And not only did I get to go to Starbucks, but so did my friend Pablo.

Bongo sniffing Pablo

I hadn’t seen Pablo for months and months so I had to check him out and make sure it was really him.

Pablo and I met lots of new people while we were there and we got lots of loves.

Bongo getting loves from kids

Even kid loves. The best kind.

We saw some strange animals too.

Colorful horse and turtle sculpture

I’ve never seen animals like this on my trails.

They seemed friendly though. I wanted to play with them, but I couldn’t get them to take notice of me.

So I decided to check out the view from our table.

Bongo looking through a fence

I couldn’t see much. There were a lot of bushes in the way.

My person said she had a better view though.

I guess being taller than a dog has its advantages.

Sedona Red Rocks

My person says there’s a rock in this picture named after a famous dog.

Hey, I’m famous. Is there a rock named after me?

What? It’s not me? It’s a dog named Snoopy?

Snoopy Rock

I kept waiting for Snoopy to get up and bark so I could spot him, but my person says all he does is lay on his back.

He’s laying there on top of the rocks to the right of the tallest rocks in the picture.

I guess I need to work on getting as famous as Snoopy.

That way I can sleep all day too.

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Walking’s not an Option

Bongo looking at the viewLately I’ve been wanting to go on a different trail – it’s a little longer than the way we usually go on my trails.

But my person always says she’s too busy, or it’s too hot, or she comes up with any number of excuses.

Today it was cloudy and cooler, and my person didn’t have bunches of stuff to do, so we got to go on that trail.

We were having a great time – until I heard it.


Over there – and that way too!

We were surrounded!

Person, why did you want to go on this trail? We could have been almost home by now.

There was only one direction to go – and my person wouldn’t let me go that way.

Okay, fine. Then we’re not going at all.

Bongo holding his ground

Bongo refusing to move

It became a game of tug of war.

Until my collar came off.

Then my person did something really strange.

She walked to the end of my her leash, sat on the ground, and started taking pictures of me.

Bongo reluctantly walking

I like the sound her camera makes. Eventually I walked to where she sat.

Bongo Profile

Then she moved back to the end of her leash, and made me walk to her again.

Bongo looking at red rocks

Bongo walking toward the camera

Then she did it all over again.

Bongo with a century plant in the foreground and red rocks in the background

Bongo walking, Thunder Mountain behind him

My person thinks I’m afraid of this thunder, but I’ve been thinking. Sometimes I complain too much when she stops all the time to take pictures. I think I’ll be nice to her today and let her take all the pictures she wants.

Coffee Pot Rock

Thunder Mountain

Century Plant and Mogollon Rim

Mogollon Rim

Sedona red rocks behind trees

Sedona red rocks behind trees

And just to prove I was doing it to be nice to her, when we got past the part with all the best scenery, I started walking with her again.


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Hazy Gloom

Thunder Mountain under a layer of smokeWhen I looked outside yesterday morning I could barely see the red rocks on my trails. They seemed to be covered in some kind of fog.

But we rarely get fog here. And especially not in June.

A heavy cloud has covered the land.

And not just your ordinary fleecy cloud that fades away when the sun gets hot.

This seems like a cloud of doom. A cloud of destruction.

And that’s what it is.

It’s weighing over me so I’m going to take a break from being funny, or silly, or adventurous today.

Sedona Red Rocks behind smoke

Because what is covering up my rocks is the smoke drifting over from the Yarnell Fire.

This fire has made national news due to the loss of nineteen hotshot firefighters. These young men were husbands, fathers, sons, and brothers. They left families and friends behind who are in deep grief over their loss.

This fire has destroyed about two hundred houses and other buildings in Yarnell, and has caused the evacuation of hundreds of residents in the towns of Yarnell and Peeple’s Valley.

And the fire is still running wild and is nowhere near being contained.

So today, rather than telling you about one of my adventures I’m going to ask for prayer instead.

Please pray for all of those who lost a loved one.

Please pray for all those who have lost a home, and for all those who have been evacuated from their homes.

Shelters have been set up for evacuated animals. Please pray for the animals too.

Please pray for the safety of the many people who continue to fight this fire.

And please pray for rain. Lots of it. We haven’t had rain in so long and it’s so dry here. Our rainy season should start in a few days. Please pray that it starts right away- at least over that fire.

Sedona Red Rocks in smoky haze

Did I do okay, person?

I hope they put that fire out right away because I’m ready for another adventure.

Bongo with a funny face


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Touch of Green

Touch of Green sign on carI found The Plant Lady’s car at the parking lot of my trails today. Her sign said “ Touch of Green.”

So I started looking around at all the plants on my trails.






Gray and Brown vegetation

Yup, there’s not a lot of green here.

Bongo looking at gray and brown vegetation

Not much green here either. I guess those prickly pear cacti and the juniper trees are kind of green. But look at all that gray and brown stuff.

Bare branch tree with red breasted bird on top

This tree really needs some more green in it.

I think that plant lady has her work cut out for her. I hope she’s got a lot of energy.

What, person? What are you talking about?

What do you mean, that plant lady does interior plantscaping?

You mean she’s not going to turn my trails green?

Then what’s she doing here? Oh, no. Maybe she’s stealing the little green that there is out here so she can put it inside something.

What, person? You think she’s just here to go for a walk?

You mean she’s not going to make anything green?

Well, in that case…

Bongo watering the plants

I guess I’ve got to take care of it myself.

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Cactus Blockade

Bongo is out the doorThis is bad. This is really bad. I was heading across the street to say hi to my neighbors. I like to visit them because they give me loves.

But something was in the way. I was blocked.





Cactus Garden

My neighbors had put a cactus blockade between my street and their yard.

What does this mean? I know I could squeeze by those cacti and get through – but how long is it going to be before those cacti grow big and cover the whole area?

Are my neighbors trying to keep me out? That makes me really sad. I thought they liked me.

What to do? What to do?

Wait a minute. I think I see something down there.

An end to the garden

Is there an opening at the end of this cactus blockade? Maybe they wanted to give me a way in after all.

An opening at the end of the garden

I knew my neighbors still loved me. They could have put that cactus blockade all across their yard, but they didn’t. They knew if they did that I might not be able to visit and give them loves. What nice neighbors I have.

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Washington Weather

Bongo and Friends

Bongo and Friends – No Sister in the Picture

My person’s sister and some friends from Washington State came here to visit me. It was really great except for two things. I thought they would want to have some Arizona weather while they were here – but they decided to bring their weather with them.





Sedona Under Clouds

Washington weather visiting Sedona

It’s been sunny every day for about a month and it’s supposed to be sunny again tomorrow, but while they were here we had rain. And thunder. I don’t know where that thunder came from, but it kept up most of the night.

And the second thing was – they captured my person and took her with them, and they didn’t take me. They came all the way here to visit me and they left me at home.

They went to a place where there wasn’t any rain to see a castle that was owned by some dude named Montezuma. Nobody lives there anymore. I can see why. I think somebody stole the stairs.

Montezuma's Castle

I guess God finally decided that we’d had enough rain here and it was time to send it back to Washington, because when they headed back to Sedona they saw a rainbow holding up the rain so it couldn’t hit the ground.

Rainbow beyond the highway


Are you people done traveling around for awhile? My turn now.

Bongo on his back


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