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Day Two – No Blue

Bongo on the trail on a gray dayThis is the second day in a row with gray skies. That’s got to be some kind of record for here.

I really don’t mind the weather.

It’s not windy, and not too cold.

Actually a really good day for a walk on my trails.

The only problem is that nobody else seems to think so.

I didn’t meet a single person or dog on my walk today.


And without other people or dogs it’s kind of hard to have adventures sometimes.

So I had to look for something else adventurous.

I didn’t find much.

Purple berries against a gray sky

Some berries enjoying the gray day.

Mushroom with a face

And a mushroom with a face.

Well, I thought I saw a face on it, but my person had to enhance (is that an adventurous word – enhance?) the eyes so that you could see them too.

So much for adventures today.

Guess I’ll go take a nap.

Bongo Sleeping


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What Happened to the Sky?

Bongo on the trail on a cloudy dayI know this isn’t so strange for most of my blogging buddies this time of year, but for me it is.

What happened to the sky?

I’ve been looking at blue sky almost every day, but today it’s gone.

Where’d all that gray come from?

And it’s soggy too. It’s a good thing I’m a water dog.

I’ll take water in any way, shape, or form – soggy or not.

But I don’t know what to do with my person.

She’ll look for any excuses to get her camera out and she found some today.


Bongo eating weeds near agave and manzanita plants

Go ahead person. Keep taking pictures here.

I found some good weeds to munch on.

Agave plant surrounded by a manzanita bush

I finished those weeds and had to drag my person on.

That worked until she found a lost little mushroom that had popped up out of the soil.

Small dimpled mushroom

It looks like that poor mushroom got dimples from shivering so much. All the other mushrooms hung out when it was warmer.

I finally convinced my person that that mushroom was fine all by itself, but when I stopped in one of my favorite sniffing spots she found something else.

Fungus on a branch

I’m not sure I want to hang around these things for very long.

Fungus that looks like it has nasty teeth

Some of them have some pretty mean looking teeth.

Let’s get outta here!


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Ode to a Mushroom

Bongo following a stream after a rainMushrooms don’t grow much on my trails.

They need the right combination of warmth and water, and that doesn’t happen very often.

So far I’ve found one big mushroom on my street and a few little ones on my trails.

Then finally, it showed up.

It really came.

One big trail mushroom. Only one.

That poor mushroom had a very short life so I thought I’d write something special for it.

I call it…

Ode to a Mushroom

Popping out of the ground like a puffy marshmallow

Puffy mushroom on a stem

Creating a cover like a china hat

Mushroom shaped like a china hat

Dropping over dead.

Upside down mushroom

Wasn’t that great?

Do you think I’ll be the next poet laureate?

P.S. I didn’t kill that mushroom. Really I didn’t.


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Street Mushroom

Bongo on the trailStrange things pop up here sometimes in the summer after it rains.

Can you see it?

Oh wait, I guess you’re just looking at me in the picture. I can’t blame you for that.

That strange thing is pretty little. It barely shows.






Bongo's feet near a little white, round mushroom

Is that better?

You see that little round thing next to my feet?

It’s a mushroom.

Here’s some more.

Two small, round, white mushrooms in the dirt

You’d never think mushrooms would grow in Arizona, but they do.

Little tiny ones grow on my trails when it’s warm and wet around here.

Our typical summer weather.

But this year I found something even more special.

Bongo on the street near a mushroom

This wasn’t on my trails at all.

I found it right by the street. Right near my house.

It’s way bigger than all those little mushrooms I found on my trails.

Well, except for a few I found last year – but only in one spot.

This has got to be a brand new species – one that nobody has ever found before.

So here it is.

Mushroom in grass

And since I found it I’m the one that gets to name it.

This is hard. What should I call it?

Oh I know.

I found it on my street so I’m going to call it Street Mushroom.

I bet there’s no other mushroom with a name like that.


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New Kind of Seed

Object in the distanceI was checking out my mushroom patch – the place where mushrooms have been growing on my trails, to see if there were any new ones. No new mushrooms had appeared and the old ones were getting pretty dried up and shriveled.

But then I saw it – something new in my mushroom patch. I guess someone ran out of mushroom seeds and decided to plant another kind of seed instead.

Oh, you can’t see it in the picture?

I made my person crawl up under those trees to get a closer picture.

Does this help?




Come on person, you’ve got to get even closer.


I sure hope they planted lots of those sunglasses seeds because these look ripe for the picking and I wouldn’t want to take the only ones.

How do I look?

Bongo Wearing Sunglasses

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Arizona Mushrooms

Bongo standing near mushroomsCheck this out, person. What are these? They look kind of like large marshmallows.

I’m not supposed to eat these marshmallows? I bet they taste good. We could put them in s’mores.

I’ve never seen marshmallows like these on my trails before. I wonder where they came from.

They’re what? Mushrooms! We don’t have mushrooms in Arizona. It’s too dry here. I’ve never seen mushrooms on my trails before. Someone must have left these here. They weren’t here yesterday. I’d better go find that person and see if they want their mushrooms back. They’d probably be really happy with me if I helped them find their mushrooms.

You think they grew here, person? Come on. Arizona has a dry heat. I don’t think mushrooms grow in dry heat.

What kind of weather have we had lately? We’ve had that terrible, scary thunder and lots of rain.


Do you think the rain made those mushrooms grow?

There’s just one thing I want to know then.

If rain can make the mushrooms grow here, do you think it could make marshmallows grow too?



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