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Sunglasses Day

Bongo with sunglasses hanging on his faceToday is Sunglasses Day.

I’ve got to figure these things out.

They don’t seem to stay on very well.







Bongo with sunglasses on

That’s better.

I’ve finally got these sunglasses to stick.

Now I can go out and celebrate the day.

But something’s still not right.

These sunglasses just aren’t my style.

Oh, here’s another pair.

Let me try these on.

Bongo Wearing Sunglasses

Check out this cool dude.

What do you mean, you don’t recognize him?

It’s me!


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Sunglasses on the Street

Bongo walking past sunglasses on the streetSomebody must really like me. The other day someone left me a dead snake – right in front of my house. And today they left me a pair of sunglasses. All for me.

It took me a minute to find those sunglasses. They didn’t have a very interesting smell so at first I passed them up.

But when I realized what they were I put them right on. The sun was really bright today, so I figured they’d be a great help while I’m out on my trails. I’m sure that’s what somebody was thinking when they left these for me.

But whoever left these sunglasses wasn’t thinking very clearly. They should have known what size I wear. These are just too big.

Sunglasses hanging on Bongo's leash

I put them on, but they slipped right off my nose and landed on my leash.

I’m not sure what my leash is going to do with these sunglasses. But my leash has been through all kinds of things with me, so I’m sure it’ll figure something out.

Wait a minute! What am I doing letting my leash have my new sunglasses? Leashes don’t need sunglasses.

If they won’t stay on my nose I’ll just try something else.

Bongo with sunglasses on top of his head

Now if I could only grow some eyes in the back of my head.

I know! My person sometimes has eyes in the back of her head.

Maybe I can borrow hers.


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New Kind of Seed

Object in the distanceI was checking out my mushroom patch – the place where mushrooms have been growing on my trails, to see if there were any new ones. No new mushrooms had appeared and the old ones were getting pretty dried up and shriveled.

But then I saw it – something new in my mushroom patch. I guess someone ran out of mushroom seeds and decided to plant another kind of seed instead.

Oh, you can’t see it in the picture?

I made my person crawl up under those trees to get a closer picture.

Does this help?




Come on person, you’ve got to get even closer.


I sure hope they planted lots of those sunglasses seeds because these look ripe for the picking and I wouldn’t want to take the only ones.

How do I look?

Bongo Wearing Sunglasses

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