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A Good Day

Bongo in front of the fence he jumpedToday was a good day.

I had one of the most fun adventures I’ve had in a long time.

Here’s what happened.

My person let me outside this morning and it was a beautiful morning.

Warm and sunny.

I wanted to stay outside.

Usually my person won’t let me stay outside by myself, but I curled up in a sunny spot looking innocent and she let me this time.

Something about being too busy to chase me all over the yard.

Usually I don’t like it when she’s too busy, but sometimes busy can be a good thing.

So she went back in the house and I couldn’t resist.

You see that fence behind me?

I jumped it.

And I was free!

I wandered around the neighborhood having a great time.

I think I saw my person’s car driving by after awhile.

Guess I should head back closer to home.

Oh, here comes my person walking out of the house now.

Oh great! Time to play chase.

Come on person. I’m right here across the street.

Bongo on the corner of the street

I love it when she comes after me.

I stay just far enough away so she can’t get me.

And look, she’s so insecure she can’t go anywhere without that leash in her hand.

I don’t want it attached to me so I think I’ll go say hi to the neighbor.

I’m sure he’s good for some loves.

Hey wait neighbor. You didn’t tell me you were in cahoots with my person.

That old grabbing me by the collar trick.

I fall for it every time.


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Bongo leading a cousin to the trailI have what?


I don’t have any cousins.

Well, at least none that you know about.

You don’t even know who my real parents are.

What? Wait. What?

What do you mean, they’re not my cousins?


Then who’s cousins are they?

Your cousins?

You have cousins?

Oh. They’re coming to visit us?

They’re coming to visit us!

I’d better get busy.

I’ve got to get a training plan together.

I’ve got to train them right while they’re here.

How much time have I got?

They’re here?

Hey cousins. Here’s my leash.

Hold onto it and I’ll show you where my trails are.

Cousins on the trail without Bongo

These cousins are not doing a good job.

If they don’t hold onto my leash they’re going to get lost.

I’m sure of it.

Bongo and cousin

That’s much better.

At least I can keep one cousin from getting lost.

Bongo with cousin

Now, let’s see what kind of adventures we can run into.


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Slacking on the Job

Bongo on the trail with his leash stretched behind himYou see what’s attached to me?

No, no! Not the leash.

Well, I guess you can’t see what’s attached to my leash, but you can probably figure it out.

My person is on the other end of it.

It’s kind of a burden sometimes but it’s one of my jobs.

I’ve got to take her out so she can get her exercise.

I thought all dogs had this on their job description.


But I found one today who doesn’t seem to think so.

Brown dog hiding in the bushes

Who is that hiding in the bushes?

I wonder if she ditched her person by going places her person couldn’t follow.

Brown Dog

Here she comes.

Hey brown dog, if you’d stay on the trail like me you could be doing your dogly duty and giving your person exercise.

Brown Dog on the trail

Say what?

Don’t tell me what to do.

It’s a little late to be hitting the trail now.

Where is your person anyway?

Brown dog walking away

Fine. Be that way.

What is it with these personless brown dogs anyway?

It seems to be turning into an epidemic around here.


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Looking for Adventure

Bongo on the trail on a cloudy dayI needed something for my blog post so I headed out to my trails looking for adventure.

There’s always some potential adventure on my trails.

Well, I found it.

But you know what?

My person, who drives me nuts with all those pictures she takes – Did I say nuts? Nuts are good treats. Hey person, where’s the nuts?

Oh. I got off the track, didn’t I?

Well, my person, who is always taking pictures until it drives me bonkers, didn’t take any pictures of this adventure.

She’s failing on the job. I don’t know what’s wrong with her.

She even had her little camera with her.

She could have whipped it out and taken pictures.

But she didn’t.

So here’s what happened.

I was walking along my trails, minding my own business. I had my person attached to my leash so I could keep an eye on her, when I heard somebody yelling, “Clyde, come back here!”

Well, Clyde didn’t mind very well and he came running right over to me.

And Clyde started picking a fight with me.

I would have given Clyde what for but I had to protect my person.

Who knows what Clyde might have done with my person. He might have tried to steal her from me.

Clyde’s person came and attached Clyde to her leash so he couldn’t fight with me anymore.

And she said Clyde had never done that before.

Which got me thinking.

I am a famous blogging dog, and everybody knows that these are my trails.

I bet Clyde wanted to chase me off my trails and steal them from me.

I bet Clyde heard about my girlfriends that hang out on my trails and he wanted to steal them too.

From now on I’m going to be watching for Clyde.

And if he comes back I’m going to make sure my person takes a picture of him.

And then I’m going to hang it with a big Wanted sign underneath.


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What Good is Busy?

Bongo and Julie playing on the trailBusy, busy, busy.

Most of the time I don’t like that word – especially when my person says it.

When she says that word she usually leaves the house and leaves me home alone. Well, with Scratchy but he doesn’t count.

If she does stay home with that word she ignores me and won’t play.

And today she said it was one of those busy days.


Two meetings and a wedding and a class. She could have taken me along, but no she didn’t.

But today something good came out of busy.

This time of year we rarely go for walks in the morning – we usually wait until later in the afternoon.

But all of my person’s busies were later in the day so I had to take her for a walk in the morning.

We haven’t been on a morning walk since it was hot last summer, but someone I know goes on morning walks – and I haven’t seen her since last summer.

But I saw her today.

My girlfriend Julie!

And something else happened too.

My person has never unhooked my leash while we’re on my trails.

But she did today.

I guess she didn’t want me and Julie to tangle her up.

Bongo and Julie playing


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Something’s Out There

Bongo looking toward somethingHey person, there’s something out there.

Can you hear it? Can you smell it?

I think it’s somebody that wants me to play.

What? What do you mean it would show itself if it wanted me to play?

Maybe it’s shy.

Maybe it’s scared of people, but likes to play with dogs.


Person, you’ve got to realize that maybe not everyone that likes me likes you too.

Come on. Let me go.

I’ve got to check this out.

Bongo pulling on his leash

Person, would you let go of my leash.

You’re not going to get lost.

I’ll come back for you when I’m done playing.

Now let go!

I don’t believe this. You’re going to make me leave that poor lonely creature behind and head home with you.

Bongo looking toward the woods

Hey person, my new friend followed me. My friend must really be lonely.

Maybe scared too. I’ve got to go check it out.

Bongo pulling on his leash

Person, let go of my leash now!

You’re not going to get lost. Our house is right over there.

I’ll be home as soon as I’m done playing. Maybe I’ll even bring my new friend home with me.

Don’t be scared. You’ll be fine.


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Friendly Romp – Blocked

Bongo stretching after something in the distanceI don’t think my person trusts me. Today we were on the trails and some people and two dogs came toward us.

They stepped off the trail so we could pass. Usually my person makes me step off the trail, but this time they did it first.

Pretty cool because now we can walk right by those dogs and I can go over and say hi.

Well you know what my person did?

She grabbed my collar as we were walking by so when I tried to go see those dogs I ended up walking on my two hind legs.

I know people walk this way all the time but for a dog it’s undignified. I really don’t know what my person’s problem is – embarrassing me like that.

I’m nice to other dogs – – – sometimes.

We walked on and my person did it to me again.

We’d been hearing coyotes howling for awhile and we started getting closer. I thought those coyotes might be fun dogs to play with so I started pulling my person along toward them.

You know what she did this time?

She shortened my leash so I couldn’t catch her off guard and pull it out of her hand. Then she said something about those coyotes and about me being a dead dog.

Dead dog my foot. If you won’t let me have any fun person, I’m taking you back to the house.

Bongo heading up a cliff


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A Walk in the Dark

Bongo in the darkYou can’t see this picture of me very well, can you?

Well, here’s what happened.

All weekend my person kept ignoring me.

I mean, she was hardly ever home.

And it seemed like either my person was gone, or there was thunder – or both – the whole weekend.

And I didn’t get a walk.

All day Saturday – no walk.

All day Sunday – no walk.

I’m going to turn into a fat, lazy dog if I don’t get my walks.

And what about my person?

If I don’t take her for walks and she doesn’t get her exercise she’s really going to be in trouble.

I wouldn’t even want to think about what’s going to happen. It would be ugly.

Finally on Sunday, my person came home when it was almost dark.

But at least she got my leash so I could take her out.

And when we got outside my neighbor dogs were out too. It was like a dog party. Woo woo!

Oops, now it’s really starting to get dark.

Come on person, we’ve got to go. I wouldn’t want you missing your walk.

And you know what the best thing is about walking in the dark?

My person can’t stop to take any pictures.

Bongo in the dark


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I Am Not Weird

Bongo by a bushI am not weird. What do you mean I’m weird?

What do you mean, I don’t do that? You mean I’m weird if I don’t do what other dogs do?

I bet most of my blogging dog buddies don’t do that either.

What do you mean they don’t do that because they don’t get a chance?

Don’t those things cross everyone’s path – in the summer at least?

They’re constantly flitting around on my trails.

If I chased every one of them that I saw I’d be totally worn out.

And besides you’d be yanking on my leash when you didn’t want to follow me through the bushes.

You think I should have chased those two that ran right under my nose today? Just because other dogs would have done it?

You’d better be glad I am weird then, or I’d be yanking your arm right out of its socket when I took off. They run fast.

Look, there goes one now.

Lizard on a rock

Do you want me to chase it?

I’m not weird. I don’t bother the ones on my trails because I figure that’s where they belong.

But watch out if they come in my yard.

When I find one of those yard lizards…

Lizard on a tree trunk

I’m chasing it up a tree.


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Who Lost a Leash?

Bongo sniffing a leash on a cairnI find strange things on my trails fairly often, but today I found one of the strangest. I found a leash, with nobody attached, just hanging around by itself.

Time to get on my Detective Dog hat and start looking for clues.





Detective Dog

Hmmm. I’m picking up some scents, but I’m not sure what it all means.

Bongo sniffing around the found leash

Hey wait a minute. One of the scents on here is mine – from yesterday.

So much for solving this mystery by the smells around here.

What could it all mean?

Somewhere on my trails there is a dog running around without a leash.

And there is also a person on my trails who is not attached to a leash.

This could be really bad.

I’d better go look for that person and that dog. They might be lost from each other.

Maybe I could be a hero and reunite them.

Wait a minute. What’s this?

Bongo sniffing a strap on a branch

Another leash?

What is this, National Lose Your Leash Day?

Maybe I can find some clues around this one.

Strap Clues

Hmmm. I think this might be some kind of conspiracy.

Somebody might be trying to keep Detective Dog busy so they can pull some heist somewhere else.

They’re not going to succeed though, because I found out something that they don’t know.

This second thing isn’t a leash at all.

It’s a strap with clips on it so people can attach their stuff.

So when those people pull that heist, they’re going to discover that their strap is missing.

And they’ll have no way to carry all the stuff they stole.

I’d better go now and find out where they dropped all that stuff.

Maybe they dropped some treats.



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