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A Good Day

Bongo in front of the fence he jumpedToday was a good day.

I had one of the most fun adventures I’ve had in a long time.

Here’s what happened.

My person let me outside this morning and it was a beautiful morning.

Warm and sunny.

I wanted to stay outside.

Usually my person won’t let me stay outside by myself, but I curled up in a sunny spot looking innocent and she let me this time.

Something about being too busy to chase me all over the yard.

Usually I don’t like it when she’s too busy, but sometimes busy can be a good thing.

So she went back in the house and I couldn’t resist.

You see that fence behind me?

I jumped it.

And I was free!

I wandered around the neighborhood having a great time.

I think I saw my person’s car driving by after awhile.

Guess I should head back closer to home.

Oh, here comes my person walking out of the house now.

Oh great! Time to play chase.

Come on person. I’m right here across the street.

Bongo on the corner of the street

I love it when she comes after me.

I stay just far enough away so she can’t get me.

And look, she’s so insecure she can’t go anywhere without that leash in her hand.

I don’t want it attached to me so I think I’ll go say hi to the neighbor.

I’m sure he’s good for some loves.

Hey wait neighbor. You didn’t tell me you were in cahoots with my person.

That old grabbing me by the collar trick.

I fall for it every time.


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Out the Front Door

Bongo Heading Out the DoorAfter those extra fence posts that I told you about yesterday were put up in my yard, I had to find another way to escape.

This time I made my move right out the front door. But I couldn’t do this just any old time. Front doors are hard and not possible for a dog to bust down. Even Super Dog can’t do it.

So I have to wait until my person opens the door.

When my person is walking out the door and I’m in the house her back is to me, and she doesn’t have a clue what I’m up to.

So now’s my chance. Quick, run right past her and out the door as fast as I can and out of her reach.

Then comes the fun part.

I have to stay just far enough away from my person so she can’t catch me. Twenty feet is usually good.

Bongo is out the door

Then when my person starts getting close I move another twenty feet away.

Most of the time I let her catch me after we’ve gone around the block. But I have gone up on my trails and made my person hike after me.

Unfortunately, my person caught on to this trick too. Now she walks out the door backwards so she can keep an eye on me. Maybe she’ll trip and I can get out anyway.

And she sometimes joins forces with my younger person when he’s around. Especially when there’s thunder and I really want out the door.

Holding Bongo from going out

Oh the life of a dog. It’s so hard to keep one step ahead of my people. Time to come up with something new.

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