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Bongo in front of the bush with berriesThere are a lot of quail living on my trails, but I don’t see them all that often.

Most of the time they’re hiding in the bushes.

If I didn’t smell them I wouldn’t even know they were there, except that they give themselves away.

When my person and I come anywhere near where they’re hiding they scurry off.

If they’d stayed where they were we’d never see them, but we usually get a glimpse of them before they’ve hidden themselves in some more bushes.




But this time of year there are some lonely male quails who hang out in plain sight and make lots of noise so everybody knows they’re there.

Quail on a fence with pink flowers nearby

This fence is near the beginning of my trails, before the houses end and the wild things begin.

I guess that quail thought it was a good place to look for a girlfriend.

Quail on fence

Posing will get you everywhere.

Believe me, I know.

I hope those girls come by and notice soon.

If that guy finds a girlfriend maybe things will quiet down on my trails.

Quail in a tree

Hey, wait a minute!

That quail decided I was right about my trails being too noisy…

So he moved into the tree in my front yard?

No Mr. Quail, that’s not what I meant.

Does anybody have any earplugs?


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A Good Day

Bongo in front of the fence he jumpedToday was a good day.

I had one of the most fun adventures I’ve had in a long time.

Here’s what happened.

My person let me outside this morning and it was a beautiful morning.

Warm and sunny.

I wanted to stay outside.

Usually my person won’t let me stay outside by myself, but I curled up in a sunny spot looking innocent and she let me this time.

Something about being too busy to chase me all over the yard.

Usually I don’t like it when she’s too busy, but sometimes busy can be a good thing.

So she went back in the house and I couldn’t resist.

You see that fence behind me?

I jumped it.

And I was free!

I wandered around the neighborhood having a great time.

I think I saw my person’s car driving by after awhile.

Guess I should head back closer to home.

Oh, here comes my person walking out of the house now.

Oh great! Time to play chase.

Come on person. I’m right here across the street.

Bongo on the corner of the street

I love it when she comes after me.

I stay just far enough away so she can’t get me.

And look, she’s so insecure she can’t go anywhere without that leash in her hand.

I don’t want it attached to me so I think I’ll go say hi to the neighbor.

I’m sure he’s good for some loves.

Hey wait neighbor. You didn’t tell me you were in cahoots with my person.

That old grabbing me by the collar trick.

I fall for it every time.


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The Great Escape

Bongo in front of the fence he jumpedSince I moved to my forever home I’ve been finding some great ways to escape. I shared a couple of those with you last week. Unfortunately, my person caught on to my tricks and I wasn’t able to use them anymore.

Then I came upon the ultimate escape trick – and it all happened by accident. If we’ve been friends for awhile you probably know that I am deathly afraid of thunder. Well, one day some of my person’s family were here visiting and they left me in the backyard – and it started to thunder.

I wanted to get far away from that thunder but I was stuck in the yard. I was desperate and willing to try anything. So I gave a run for, and I jumped. I was able to grab on to the top of the fence and pull myself over. I was free!

And since I knew I could do that now I started doing it sometimes just for fun. If I got bored, I jumped. Even a couple times when I was hanging out in the yard with my person. She was just sitting around, pulling out all my treats weeds. So I decided to give her some exercise – and over I went.


Person, I don’t want to tell them that?

What do you mean you won’t type this up for me if I don’t?

Okay. One time when I jumped the fence my person caught me before I got over, but all she could get hold of was my back leg. And I couldn’t pull myself over the fence because she was holding on to my leg. So we were in limbo. No way was I going to get off the fence and let my person win, and she wouldn’t let go of my leg. But I made one mistake in my calculations. I jumped onto the part of the fence that opens.

My person opened that gate, got in front of me, and pushed me backwards. No fair!

But there are no pictures of this so my person can’t prove it’s true.

Now my person won’t let me stay in the yard by myself, and if it’s thundering she won’t even let me outside without a leash on.

I’ve got to come up with a new escape plan.

Any ideas, anybody?

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My First Escape

Bongo running along the fenceWhen my people decided to get a dog they had their back yard fenced in. The neighbors already had fences on two sides of the yard but one of the fences had a big gap at the bottom. Big enough for a dog to get through easily. So my people put in a little fence to cover the gap and fenced in the rest of the yard. Then they came and found me and brought me home.

My people figured it was safe on nice days to leave me outside while they went off and did whatever it was they were going to do. But I didn’t like it one little bit. I just got a home with people to give me loves and toss balls for me to catch – and now they’re leaving me.

I felt caged and alone in that yard. So I did some exploring. And I found out I wasn’t as caged in as I first thought I was.

I found a neighbor to hang out with and she was really nice. But I learned that she was up to no good. Next thing I know, here comes my person driving up the street. My nice neighbor had called my person at work and let her know I had escaped.

It took awhile for my person to discover my trick. I let her think that I could just disappear and reappear on the other side of the fence. But one time I didn’t wait long enough and she caught me in the act.


Now there are some extra fence posts in the corner where I was able to squeeze through before.

I keep telling my person they look really ugly there and she should take them down.

But she won’t listen to me.

Bongo at the corner of the yard


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Backyard Entertainment

Bongo looking into a trash bagI know it’s the middle of winter, but today was so nice that my person decided to hang out in the backyard for awhile. Something about the ground being moist and there were a few weeds left that she’d never gotten around to pulling.

I hope she’s not going to pull up all my tasty backyard treats.

My person tried to sneak out in the yard without me, but I would have none of that. She wasn’t going out that door unless I went out with her. Person, I promise I won’t jump the fence this time – really.

Since I’d made my promise I had to find something else fun to do. It didn’t take me long. Off in the corner of the yard lay an old ball.

But balls are only fun when they’re being tossed, and my person was acting too busy to play catch.


Bongo looking at a ball on a board

But I learned something a long time ago. Put the ball in the bag with the weeds and my person throws it back out.

Bongo looking at a ball in a bag full of weeds

Never mind the ball, person. I’m being barked at again.

Bongo heading for a hole in the fence

Hey person, you need a faster camera to keep up with me.

Bongo looking through the fence

Now where is that guy? I think I scared him away.

Guess I’ll go back to what I was doing.

Bongo sticking his head in the weed bag

Hey, I think my ball got buried.


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Back Yard Neighbor

Bongo jumping on the fenceI have a new neighbor dog who lives behind me – on the other side of my backyard fence. This dog isn’t calm and gentle like Toby, my new across the street neighbor dog. This dog likes to bark. But only when I come out in my backyard.

If he’s out in his yard when I come out he makes such a ruckus that I’ve got to see what’s going on. What’s he getting so excited about?

I can’t jump the fence to get over to him. At least not the fence that goes to his yard. I can only jump the part where the gate is.

Bongo facing the fence with his ears and tail out

There’s got to be another way to get over there.

Bongo peeking down over the short fence

Maybe there’s a way to go under that fence.

Bongo looking at the fence

Or maybe through it?

Bongo looking through a hole in the fence

Oh wait. Here’s a hole in the fence. At least now I can get a look at that dog.

Bongo running along the fence

I don’t believe it. Just when I almost get face to face with that dog he runs down to the other side of the yard.

Next time I’m barking back.

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Fenced Out

Water TankMy person and I went on an extra long walk on my trails today. We were looking for the elusive century plant. My person says they’re called that because they only bloom once a century, so they’re really hard to find.

But we walked along and walked along looking for those century plants and there it was.

Not a century plant, but an intruder on my trails. I’m not sure what it is, but I’m going to investigate.


Bongo in front of the water tank

This thing is pretty nervy. It must think it owns part of my trails. I tried getting up closer to take a better look, but there was a fence around it. I checked to see if I could find a way to get inside the fence.

I didn’t see any way in.

Bongo at the Fence

So I went over to the other side.

Bongo Looking Through the Fence

I didn’t have any luck there either.

What am I to do? This thing should not be on my trails – especially not with a fence around it.

If I could get to it, it wouldn’t be so bad. At least I could mark it so everybody would know it was mine. I mean, everything on my trails is mine – after all, they are my trails.

So this thing doesn’t have the right to set itself on my trails and construct a fence. This will definitely need some further investigation.

And the worst part is that I got so distracted when this thing showed up that I forgot all about looking for the elusive century plant. I guess I’ll have to go find that another day.

Water Tank and Century Plant

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Getting Even

Bongo's Mess

Bongo's Mess

Yesterday both my people left for a long time – again. They just did that a few days ago. My special friend came over to let me out. Last time she was here she tricked me. She snuck out the door when it was thundering and I really needed someone to stay with me.

This time I decided I would get her back so when she let me out in the yard I jumped the fence. That’ll teach her. I didn’t want her to find me right away so I immediately ran over to the next block. This is great! Freedom! But wait, she’s supposed to come looking for me. Where is she? Last time she talked to my person on that little box and learned her tricks. Maybe she’s doing that again. My person would tell her where to find me. Guess I’d better head back and check. Here she comes. She tricked me by making me come back to my own street first.

Hey, wait a minute! You can’t put me back in the house and leave! That makes me mad. I’m finding a way out of here. Back door’s shut. Maybe if I move the mat out of the way I can get through it. Nope. This window doesn’t work either and knocking over the guitar in front of it didn’t help. How about the bathroom? Oh no. The only thing I can move there is the mat. I’m not getting anywhere. I just want to get out so someone will come and chase me. Guess I’ll spill my water instead.


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Caught on the Fence

I'm not posing on top for a picture.

I'm not posing on top of the fence for a picture.

I learned that I could jump the fence once when I was outside and it started to thunder. I am so scared of thunder. I had to find a way to escape it and that’s when I found out I could get over the fence.

I have another problem when it thunders. I can’t hold it in. So my person makes sure I get outside to take care of business when it’s going to storm, but sometimes it storms and I haven’t been out in awhile. This happened once and she made me go outside in the thunder. In the thunder! Did you hear me? Thunder is louder and closer when you’re outside.

I wasn’t going to stand around for this, so I jumped for the fence. I had to get away. My person was next to me, but I almost made it anyway. But she grabbed me – she grabbed my foot. And she wouldn’t let go.

What could I do? I was stuck on the top of the fence and I couldn’t go over because she had my foot. Could you please let go of my foot? I’ve got somewhere to go you know.

She would not let go of my foot. Then you know what she did? She opened the gate. I was on top of the gate. Now she was facing me and she pushed me back down into the yard. Right off the fence. That’s a long way down. Then she closed the gate before I could run through it. Sometimes a dog just can’t win.


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The Fence

My weeds, the ones in the yard that I like to chew on, are being pulled out by one of my people. I’m hanging out in the yard with her. I usually don’t get to hang out in the yard. I’m starting to get bored and it’s getting hot. I’m ready for adventure.

It’s safe. My person is on the other side of the yard. Here I go! One giant leap for dog! Gotta pull myself over before she crosses the yard. Yippee! I’m free!

Oh oh. Here she comes around the front of the house. And she’s got my leash. I’ll just duck under the neighbor’s back fence. She’ll never get me.

This is great. Lounging around the neighbor’s yard. Hey, wait a minute! Here she comes in her car. She’s going somewhere without me. I wanna come. Oh good. She’s opening the door so I can get in. This is an even bigger adventure. A trip in the car.

One turn. Two turns. I wonder where we’re going. Hey, this is our front yard! This is our house! Do I have to jump the fence again?

Bongo and the Fence

The fence that Bongo jumped.


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