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The Sentinel

Bongo in front of the bush with berriesSomebody is trying to take over my trails.

She’s posting herself in a prominent place and making all kinds of noise.

And there’s scurrying in the bushes.

She must be gathering her army around her.

What am I going to do about this?

Spies in the bushes trying to take over my trails.

I wonder what would happen if I plowed into those bushes.

I’m much bigger than that would be trail thief.

I bet I could cause some excitement in those bushes.

But then that army in the bushes might move to my trails and I’d really have problems.

Maybe I should try it anyway.

I bet there’d be feathers flying everywhere.

That might be fun.

Alright you cactus sentinel.

I’m going in after your army!

Quail on a prickly pear cactus


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Bongo in front of the bush with berriesThere are a lot of quail living on my trails, but I don’t see them all that often.

Most of the time they’re hiding in the bushes.

If I didn’t smell them I wouldn’t even know they were there, except that they give themselves away.

When my person and I come anywhere near where they’re hiding they scurry off.

If they’d stayed where they were we’d never see them, but we usually get a glimpse of them before they’ve hidden themselves in some more bushes.




But this time of year there are some lonely male quails who hang out in plain sight and make lots of noise so everybody knows they’re there.

Quail on a fence with pink flowers nearby

This fence is near the beginning of my trails, before the houses end and the wild things begin.

I guess that quail thought it was a good place to look for a girlfriend.

Quail on fence

Posing will get you everywhere.

Believe me, I know.

I hope those girls come by and notice soon.

If that guy finds a girlfriend maybe things will quiet down on my trails.

Quail in a tree

Hey, wait a minute!

That quail decided I was right about my trails being too noisy…

So he moved into the tree in my front yard?

No Mr. Quail, that’s not what I meant.

Does anybody have any earplugs?


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Girlfriend Hunting

Bongo looking around the dry wash on his trailsHmm.

Something tells me it’s girlfriend looking season.

I haven’t seen any of my girlfriends in a long time.

I wonder if any of them are out here.

But I’m not the only one looking for a girlfriend.

At least we won’t be competing with each other.

I don’t think my kind of girls will care about that guy – and vice versa.


Quail in a bush

Normally the quail around here hang out on the ground hiding under the bushes.

But this time of year some of the male quails (did I just make a rhyme?) hang out in trees and make a loud calling sound.

I guess they think they’ll attract the girls that way.

I’m not sure what a girl would see in that, but to each her own.

Maybe they don’t get any girls because sometimes they’re hanging out in trees like this way into the summer.

But this one might be a little smarter than most.

He’s staying closer to the ground – unlike some who get in the top of a tall tree.

And now I know he’s figured it out.

Quail in a bush looking down

He’s finally looking down at where the girls are hanging out.

Maybe I could learn something from him.

I’ve got to go figure out where my girlfriends have gone.


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Quail on the Trail

Bongo looking the other wayThis time of year it’s never quiet on my trails. Birds are always out there making a ruckus, but the ones who seem to have the most interesting conversations are the quail.

Quail hang around here all year, but in the winter we don’t see them much. They hang out in the bushes until I get near – then they make some little gobbly noises and run off.

Silly quail. If they’d stay put and quiet I’d only know they were near because of their smell – and my person wouldn’t know they were there at all.

But now that the weather has gotten warmer those quail are everywhere.

I go out in my backyard…


Quail walking along fence

and find them on the fence.

I go in the front yard…

Quail leaving a driveway

and they’re in my driveway.

I head to my trails…

Quail on a fence

and they’re on the trail neighbor’s fence.

Or they’re up in a tree…

Quail in a tree

calling out for a mate.

And those mate callers don’t have a little gobbly kind of call. They’re loud and it sounds more like a cawing kind of call. I guess they’re really desperate for a girlfriend.

But sometimes those quail are tricky. Sometimes they make a different kind of sound. It sounds almost like a kitten in the bushes.

Maybe I should take Scratchy out on the trails with me.

Scratchy on the Couch

He’d find that kitten quail for sure.




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Wordless Week – Day 4

I’d really like to get out of this dog hotel so I can go after those pesky scrub jays on my trails.

Scrub Jay on top of tree

Scrub jay on top of tree

And the quail that snuck into my yard.

Quail walking along fence


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Ghost Cars

Empty Trailhead Parking LotYesterday was Halloween and there was not one car in the parking lot by my trails. This was absolutely not possible on a day like this. It was sunny and warm – the perfect kind of day. So I’m sure there were cars parked there – the kind you can’t see.

Ghost cars.

I was a little nervous going through that parking lot – but nothing happened.

I expected to see a lot of people on my trails on a day like this. Even ghost cars have to be driven there by someone.

Person in white on the trail

But I only saw one person – and she was all white. I think she might have been a ghost.

With all this going on I thought maybe I’d see Ghost Dog, but no such luck. He must have been invisible too.

And then, to top it off – there weren’t even any litterbugs visible. Ghost litterbugs could be really dangerous.

Empty where the litter bugs hang out


Litter could appear out of nowhere. Right before my eyes. Yikes! I’d better get out of here!

Finally, after all those ghosts and invisible things, I found someone that I could see.

Quail on a fence

But that quail must have thought it was invisible, because it let us get really close to it. That’s just not normal.


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Quail in the Desert

Mount Sinai

Mount Sinai (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hey person, haven’t Moses and all those Israelites been hanging around Mt. Sinai a long time? Are they stuck there forever?

He did? My person says that God gave Moses the instructions for building a tabernacle, and they hung around Mt. Sinai while they were building it. And when they got it done the Lord covered it with a cloud, and at night the cloud looked like fire so they could still see it.

Wow! Was that kind of like a bonfire over the tabernacle? Could they roast wieners in it?

I’m listening, person.

Finally, after about a year, the cloud lifted. That was the signal for the Israelites to set out.

So the Israelites broke camp and headed out, but after about three days they started complaining. They were tired of the manna they’d been eating for the last year. They wanted meat.

I guess they’ve got to follow that cloud so they can roast wieners again.

What do you mean that’s not in the story? They wouldn’t be whining if they could roast wieners.

Okay, I’ll listen.

God got angry with the people for complaining, and Moses was totally frustrated. Moses told God he didn’t want to put up with the whiners anymore. They wanted meat and he couldn’t give it to them.

So God told Moses to tell the people to get ready to eat meat, because he was going to give them meat for a whole month – so much meat that they would get sick of it.

I would never get sick of meat. Can I go where all that meat is?

Oh, it was a long time ago? Can you give me some meat then?

I am listening. But I could listen better if I had some meat to chew on.

Moses couldn’t see how there would be enough meat for all those people for a month, but God assured him that He could do it. He sent a wind to drive quail in from the sea and it brought quail down all around the camp to about three feet above the ground. There were quail as far as a day’s walk in any direction.

But the Lord’s anger burned against the people who had complained and He struck them down with a severe plague.

Hey person, that plague sounds nasty. I wasn’t complaining about meat. I only asked nicely. But I’m perfectly happy with my dog food.

But you could give me some meat if you feel like it.


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Quail on the Trail

Baby Quail drawingI saw some again yesterday. It’s kind of a rare sight. They hide in the bushes and don’t come out. And when we come close, their parents make all kinds of noise and try to distract us and lead us in the wrong direction – away from them.

I don’t try to chase them. Well, I might, but I know I would get to the end of my leash and go boing – and that would be as far as I’d go. Kind of embarrassing. I wish my person would let go sometimes.

But they were out yesterday. I think we came around a corner and surprised them. They didn’t expect us to be there. And they ran. Right into the bushes.

My person says they’re cute. I don’t know what cute is, but some people say I’m cute. How can we both be cute? We don’t look anything alike.

Anyway, I think those baby quail are scaredy cats. Or maybe they’re scared of cats. And me – and my person. All they do is run away – and hide.

Come on, little quail. All I want to do is be friends. You’re safe with me. After all, you’d just be a mouth full of fluff. Yuck!

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Quail Talk

Quail in a treeI wish I understood quail talk. Today I saw a quail in a tree and it was talking to another quail. The first quail would make a sound and then the second would answer.

I wonder if they were talking about me. I sure wish I knew what they were saying. What if they were laughing at me? They were way up in the trees and I was on the ground. Maybe they thought that was funny.

Or maybe they were making fun of the way I look. I don’t think I look that bad, but I sure look different than those quail.

Maybe they took some lessons from those pesky squirrels and they just wanted to give me a bad time. I might have to take some tree climbing lessons so I can go after them. Or maybe some lessons in quail talk so they can’t talk right in front of me without me knowing what they’re saying.

What, person? You think they were calling to find a mate? They were looking for a cute girl quail so they could have fuzzy little quail babies?

You mean they weren’t talking about me at all? Come on quail. I thought I deserved more attention than that.


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Quail Tree

Quail Tree

Can You Find the Quail?

Sometimes when my person and I walk on the trails near dark we pass by the quail tree. This tree looks like any other tree, but when we get near it we hear lots of wing flapping and clucking and see quail flying everywhere.

If we didn’t startle those quail by walking by we wouldn’t even know they were there. They blend right in to the tree. I’m not sure why they fly away. Maybe they think we’re going to climb the tree and go after them.

Maybe the birds that fly away are the guard birds and they’re distracting us from other birds around the tree. Hey, I hadn’t thought of that. I’d better start checking around that tree. Maybe I’ll find some tasty morsels.

Oops – I just felt a yank on my leash. My person says no tasty morsels for me. At least not any quail flavored ones. I guess I’ll just have to drool – next time I pass that quail tree.

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