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Wordless Week – Day 4

I’d really like to get out of this dog hotel so I can go after those pesky scrub jays on my trails.

Scrub Jay on top of tree

Scrub jay on top of tree

And the quail that snuck into my yard.

Quail walking along fence


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Those Pesky Scrub Jays

Scrub JayWe have lots of birds on my trails, but these are one of the peskiest. I’m surprised they don’t gang up with those pesky squirrels. They’re two of a kind. They’ll hang out in a tree above you and make all kinds of obnoxious noises – hoping to get your attention. But if you even begin to get close to them they’re flying off, playing a game of keep away.




Scrub Jay

I do have to say that they have one good quality. They like to harass cats more than dogs. They try to get the cats to climb up after them – and then when that cat is just within reach – off they go.

Most adult cats know better and ignore those pesky birds, but my person told me a story about two kittens she used to have.

They climbed up a tree in the backyard trying to get at one of those pesky birds. They got way out on some of the furthest limbs, but of course they couldn’t get near that bird.

Well, that bird thought it was so funny that he told all his friends. Pretty soon there were about thirty birds around that tree harassing those two kittens out on a limb. My person had never seen so many scrub-jays in one place before.

I guess that just goes to show you, if you’re going to go out on a limb you’d better know what you’re doing. Otherwise you might become the laughing stock of the whole bird world.

Kittens and Jays in a tree

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