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Stuck Duck

Stuffed bird stuck in a car's grill

Either that car was going too fast or that bird was flying way too slow.

Bongo in the back seat of a car

They should have let me drive.


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Purple Droppings

Bongo sniffing plums on the groundThis is really strange.

It’s happening in the very same spot.

But the color has changed.

This might take some investigation.

I haven’t even made it to my trails yet. I’m just a few feet from my front door.

I’m going to run back home for my Detective Dog hat.


Detective Dog

Awhile back, way last May I think it was, I was walking to my trails and I hadn’t even made it yet when I found all these strange green things all over the ground.

I was lucky I wasn’t hit by any of them as they fell. But there they were. All over the place.

I never did solve that mystery to my satisfaction (I know, dogs like me shouldn’t be using such big words but I’ve been blogging for a long time now and it seems to be affecting my brain.). I’m still working on that investigation.

So now, I’m walking by that very same spot where I found all those green things so long ago.

And in that very same spot I find purple things all over the ground.

I’m pretty sure a flock of pesky birds dropped those green things. I think they may have been out to get a neighborhood cat – or worse yet, one of my dog buddies who walks by here.

So now I’ve got to figure out what those birds are up to.

Did they drop those purple things too?

Maybe those green things were too small, or too easy to spot.

So those birds found something bigger that blends in better.

At least I don’t think I have to worry about this anymore.

With all the wind we’ve been having I think it shook those birds out of the trees around here.

Good riddance birds.

Take your purple things with you and don’t come back.

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Bird Tree

Tree full of birdsThe birds on my trails are mostly a transient population. (I don’t know what that means, but my person made me write it.)

Anyway, we get different birds around here all the time.

A few birds hang around here all year, like the quail and the scrub jays, but mostly the birds come and the birds go.

But we always seem to have some kind of birds hanging around here.

Today I was walking on my trails and I heard a bunch of those birds singing and when I looked up I noticed something strange.

Someone must have decided that those transient birds needed someplace to hang out, so they designated one of my trail trees as a bird tree.

Because that’s where all the birds were. They were hanging out on that one bird tree.

Birds on dead branches

But that tree got so full of birds that they must have had an overflow because they had to open up a second bird tree.

Across my trail from the first bird tree was another one.

Juniper tree full of birds

I wonder if this second bird tree is for second class birds – the birds that aren’t allowed in the first tree.

Those second class birds do seem to be hiding so it’s hard to see that they’re in there.

I guess it’s embarrassing to be a second class bird in a second class tree.

Juniper tree with birds and sunlight shining through

I’m sure glad I’m a dog and not a bird.

Bongo looking down the trail

Because all my trails are first class.


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Bird Droppings

I’ve got another mystery going on. Right on my street this time. So I’ve put on my Detective Dog hat and I’m off to investigate.

Bongo with Detective Dog hat covering his eyesWhatever it is, it doesn’t seem to be in a hurry to leave, so I’ve got plenty of time for my investigation.

The man who walked by with his little dog seemed to be a bit concerned though. He told his dog to stay away from it and made a point of telling my person it was there.

I’m not sure why it isn’t leaving. These things usually don’t hang out when dogs start bothering them. I hardly ever even come across one.

Wait a minute. This thing isn’t moving at all. Does that mean it can’t move?

It can’t be dead because anything dead in the street is squashed flat. This is definitely not flat.

Maybe it’s playing dead, hoping it will be ignored.

I don’t think these guys are smart enough to do that though.

Maybe a bird accidently dropped it as it flew by.

That’s it! There’s some bird out there who knew I needed something to investigate so the bird dropped this right at the end of my driveway. Right where I would find it.

That bird must love me.

Bongo sniffing a dead bull snake


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Bongo in the houseSome strange things have been happening around my house lately. I’m used to strange things happening on my trails, but usually my house is pretty normal.

Well, unless Scratchy starts acting up.

I think he may have been acting up because lately, whenever my person and I go out the front door a bird or two quickly flies away.

This has never happened before – at least not on a regular basis. We have big trees in our yard and the birds that hang out in them are usually not bothered when we leave the house. They’re so much higher than us that they know they’re safe.

That’s why I’m thinking that Scratchy may be working on some kind of trap for those birds. I’d better keep an eye on him when I leave the house. I think he may be trying to sneak out with me, hoping that the birds won’t notice.

Scratchy at the open door

Scratchy! You leave those birds alone.

I was ready to give Scratchy what for when my person noticed something. She said we had some new neighbors.

And then she said they might even be planning to raise a family nearby.

I’m not sure what my person is talking about, but I sure hope if they have little ones that they’re puppies. Puppies would play with me. But I hope the little ones aren’t kittens. Scratchy would probably teach them to go after those birds.

What, person? What baby birds? I haven’t seen any baby birds around here.

Oh that? That’s what that is? The birds’ built a nest on our rafter?

Bird nest on a rafter

I just thought somebody was stuffing their spare straw up there.

Bird nest on a rafter


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Feathers on the groundAlright, what’s going on here? Some bird is dropping its feathers on my trail. This is not good. Not only is that bird littering up my trail, it’s missing a few feathers that it might need someday. I mean, birds need feathers to fly and it might need them to stay warm. We’ve got another storm coming our way.

I think I’d better get my Detective Dog hat and track down that bird so I can give it back its feathers.



Bongo looking cool with his Detective Dog hat on

That’s better. Now I’m ready to fly into this investigation.

Wait! No, I mean – what do I mean? Those feathers are too small for me. Besides I’m a dog. Dogs don’t fly. I’ve got to find out where this bird has flown off to.

many feathers on the ground

This is not good. My investigation has fluffed up more feathers. I’d better look around in these bushes. That bird can’t have gotten far without all its feathers.

Hmmm. No birds around here. Not even any telltale chirping sounds.

Methinks somebody has stolen that bird away. This is serious. This also complicates my investigation. It began with a few feathers littering my trail and now I’m looking for a birdnapper.

This could turn out to be dangerous.

But never fear, Detective Dog is here!

I always get my birdnapper.

Wait a minute. What if that bird got napped by a bear? Or a mountain lion?

Whatever it was, it scared the bejeebers out of that bird.

bird droppings and feathers

I’m heading home now. I’ll be back as soon as the reinforcements have finished my job.



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Missing Birds

Bongo walking into the windNormally when I go out on my trails I hear lots of birds chirping or making whatever birdie sound they feel like making. And if I look up into the trees I can usually see birds flitting around in there.

But not today. The birds were quiet, but it certainly wasn’t quiet on my trails.

There was howling, and whistling, and blowing, and my ears got pressed down tight to my head. The clouds overhead were moving so fast I’m surprised there were any left in the sky.

I finally heard one bird overhead, but it went by so fast that I think the wind had grabbed it and was taking it wherever it is that wind goes.

It must have taken all the other birds already.

I was determined that the wind wasn’t going to take me away, so I led my person down into the wash where the wind had trouble getting to us.

Bongo in the wash

And guess what. Some of the birds had the same idea. At least the ones that the wind hadn’t grabbed and taken away yet.

Birds were chirping down in that wash, and a raven was even toughing it out overhead.

Guess I know where I’m heading if I ever want to go bird hunting on a windy day.


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Somebody’s Missing

Bird on top of a treeI’ve been seeing lots of people, dogs, and birds on my trails lately. The birds are different than the summer birds, but there sure are a lot of them.

I even thought I was going to get to smell a rabbit, but I was surprised to find my own smell on that hair. I can’t help it if I shed in the winter. I wish my person would stop picking all the loose stuff out when we’re on my trails. How would you like it if someone kept picking at your butt?

I forgot where I was going with this. Something about smelly butts?

No, that wasn’t it. With everybody I’m seeing on my trails, there’s still somebody who’s missing. My younger person is home from college right now so he should be on my trails. We’ve been seeing his friends on my trails. Of course they recognized me and I got loves, but they wanted to know where my younger person was.

And so do I. How come he’s missing from my trails?

Next time I’m ready to go out I’m going to have to attach a leash to him and drag him out. I guess my person will be alright without a leash if I do that. I think I have her trained well enough. She’s not likely to run off.

Younger Person Missing Sign


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Those Pesky Scrub Jays

Scrub JayWe have lots of birds on my trails, but these are one of the peskiest. I’m surprised they don’t gang up with those pesky squirrels. They’re two of a kind. They’ll hang out in a tree above you and make all kinds of obnoxious noises – hoping to get your attention. But if you even begin to get close to them they’re flying off, playing a game of keep away.




Scrub Jay

I do have to say that they have one good quality. They like to harass cats more than dogs. They try to get the cats to climb up after them – and then when that cat is just within reach – off they go.

Most adult cats know better and ignore those pesky birds, but my person told me a story about two kittens she used to have.

They climbed up a tree in the backyard trying to get at one of those pesky birds. They got way out on some of the furthest limbs, but of course they couldn’t get near that bird.

Well, that bird thought it was so funny that he told all his friends. Pretty soon there were about thirty birds around that tree harassing those two kittens out on a limb. My person had never seen so many scrub-jays in one place before.

I guess that just goes to show you, if you’re going to go out on a limb you’d better know what you’re doing. Otherwise you might become the laughing stock of the whole bird world.

Kittens and Jays in a tree

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Bird Disturb

Bongo Sniffing in the WashI was hanging out in the wash on my trails and I’d found some really good smells. I sniffed around and was really enjoying myself when out of the tree next to me came a big whoosh. A large bird went flying off.

That is pretty nervy of that bird to disturb my sniffing. After all, I was just really getting into it. And to make matters worse, my person got out her camera and drug me away from my smelly spot toward the tree that bird had landed in.

Not only had the bird disturbed me but my person had totally ruined my sniffing. I don’t even know why my person got out her camera. There’s no way she’s going to get close enough to get a good picture.

Hey bird! Shoo! Go fly away. Then I can go back to my sniffing.

I guess that bird decided it would side with me because it flew off again when we started getting close. Now I can get back to my sniffing.

Hey person, that’s the wrong way. My sniffing spot’s back that way. The way we came from before that bird flew off.

Next time I’m going to glue that bird’s feet to the tree.

Raptor in a Tree


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