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Downed Nest

Bird nest on the groundSome bird dropped her nest right in my yard and flew the coop.

Or maybe the baby birds were ready to go and they tossed out their nest when they left.

So which is it?

I’ve got to go find them and ask them.




But I’ve got a dilemma.

Bongo looking away and a nest on the ground

Did they fly that way?

Bongo looking the opposite direction

Or did they fly over there?


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Something Strange on the Ground

Bongo above a tiny bird nestThere’s something strange here on the ground.

I’m not sure what it is, but it’s little and round.

It’s not a rock.

There are lots of little round rocks on my trails, but this isn’t one of them.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything like this little round thing before.

Guess I’d better check it out.



Bongo checking out the nest

It has a smell to it.

Some kind of animal smell.

But it’s a smell that usually doesn’t come this close.

It comes from a distance. From up in the trees.

What kind of bird would put their nest on the ground?

Well, I guess the quail hang out on the ground a lot, but even the baby quail would barely fit in this little nest.

It must belong to some hummingbirds.

They’re the only birds small enough around here.

I’d better warn them.

If they lay their eggs in this nest on the ground somebody might eat them.

Like me.

Or maybe those up to no good javelina.

They’d probably like some dessert after eating all those prickly pear cactus.

But why would those hummingbirds put this little nest on the ground in the first place?

Small bird's nest on the ground

What, person?

It’s been really windy lately?

You think they’re trying to protect their nest from the wind?

They’d better watch it.

Those javelina are scarier than the wind.


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Bongo in the houseSome strange things have been happening around my house lately. I’m used to strange things happening on my trails, but usually my house is pretty normal.

Well, unless Scratchy starts acting up.

I think he may have been acting up because lately, whenever my person and I go out the front door a bird or two quickly flies away.

This has never happened before – at least not on a regular basis. We have big trees in our yard and the birds that hang out in them are usually not bothered when we leave the house. They’re so much higher than us that they know they’re safe.

That’s why I’m thinking that Scratchy may be working on some kind of trap for those birds. I’d better keep an eye on him when I leave the house. I think he may be trying to sneak out with me, hoping that the birds won’t notice.

Scratchy at the open door

Scratchy! You leave those birds alone.

I was ready to give Scratchy what for when my person noticed something. She said we had some new neighbors.

And then she said they might even be planning to raise a family nearby.

I’m not sure what my person is talking about, but I sure hope if they have little ones that they’re puppies. Puppies would play with me. But I hope the little ones aren’t kittens. Scratchy would probably teach them to go after those birds.

What, person? What baby birds? I haven’t seen any baby birds around here.

Oh that? That’s what that is? The birds’ built a nest on our rafter?

Bird nest on a rafter

I just thought somebody was stuffing their spare straw up there.

Bird nest on a rafter


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