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Who Will Win?

Bongo on the trail looking upI was walking along my trails minding my own business when I looked up.

And in a tree were two birds.






I wonder what would happen if one of them decided to pull mischief on the other.

Hummingbird and hawk in a tree

Which one would win?


Would it be the hawk?

Definitely the largest and most powerful of the two.

A tried and true hunter.

Would the hawk win?

Or would it be…

Hummingbird in a tree

…the hummingbird?

I’m going for the hummingbird.

That hummingbird already has it’s pointy beak aimed directly at the hawk.

One perfectly aimed dive bomb and that hawk will never know what hit him.

I’m voting for the little guy.


Unless the little guy turns out to be…

Gizmo on his back on the couch

…a cat.


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Something Strange on the Ground

Bongo above a tiny bird nestThere’s something strange here on the ground.

I’m not sure what it is, but it’s little and round.

It’s not a rock.

There are lots of little round rocks on my trails, but this isn’t one of them.

I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything like this little round thing before.

Guess I’d better check it out.



Bongo checking out the nest

It has a smell to it.

Some kind of animal smell.

But it’s a smell that usually doesn’t come this close.

It comes from a distance. From up in the trees.

What kind of bird would put their nest on the ground?

Well, I guess the quail hang out on the ground a lot, but even the baby quail would barely fit in this little nest.

It must belong to some hummingbirds.

They’re the only birds small enough around here.

I’d better warn them.

If they lay their eggs in this nest on the ground somebody might eat them.

Like me.

Or maybe those up to no good javelina.

They’d probably like some dessert after eating all those prickly pear cactus.

But why would those hummingbirds put this little nest on the ground in the first place?

Small bird's nest on the ground

What, person?

It’s been really windy lately?

You think they’re trying to protect their nest from the wind?

They’d better watch it.

Those javelina are scarier than the wind.


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Bongo next to a manzanita bush full of blossomsThere’s definitely been some mischief going on on my trails today.

I’ve been stalked!

I know it.

I’m not sure why though.

Maybe because the stalker knows that these are my trails.

Or maybe the stalker wants to be there when I finally catch the aliens who have been piling up rocks on my trails.

Or maybe…

I don’t know why.


So I guess I’ll just tell you what happened.

Hummingbird in flight

This hummingbird has been stalking me.

Everywhere I went on my trails today, there it was.

Right now it’s flying to its next perch so it can keep an eye on me.

Hummingbird in a tree with an arrow pointing to it

See, there it is.

Looking down at me from that tree.

Hummingbird on a branch

And there it is again.

That bird is everywhere!

My person seems to think there are a lot of hummingbirds out today, but she’s wrong.

There’s only one.

And it’s stalking me.

And she only thinks she saw two hummingbirds at the same time.

Those birds are faster than a speeding bullet.

That bird tricked her into thinking there were two.

But I just thought of something.

If that bird follows me home and starts tapping at my window it’s going to be in trouble.

I’m still living with three cats.

I knew cats were good for something.

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Flying Away

Helicopter hovering in front of Thunder MountainThings have been flying around doing strange things on my trails today. If you look really hard and long at this picture you will see a little white dot around the middle of it. It’s a helicopter, and it hung out in that same spot for a long time.

And then it flew away.




Helicopter Flying Away

Helicopter flying under clouds

And after the helicopter left we spotted a couple hawks talking back and forth to each other.

Hawk in the top of a dead tree

Hawk in a tree

And one of them flew away.

Hawk Flying

And the hummingbirds were flying every which way. Two of them buzzed my person. Right next to her face. And then they flew away.

I wish I had my own camera so I could have taken a picture of that. Note to self: convince person to get me a camera.

And then the most amazing thing happened. That helicopter that had flown away flew back.

Helicopter Flying Back

I hope someone tells that helicopter that this story is about flying away – not flying back.


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Dive-bombing Hummingbirds

HummingbirdsSometimes it’s dangerous on my trails. Today I saw something really strange.

Dive-bombing hummingbirds.

They would fly up really high – and then they would dive bomb. Flying down almost to the ground at top speed.

I got very concerned. What if they tried to dive-bomb my head.

Yikes! That could hurt!

I’m pretty brave. I can face big dogs and clawing, hissing cats. I can outrun a thunderstorm (Okay, maybe I’m not that brave.) and chase wild coyotes. But those little tiny hummingbirds could really hurt.

And I would have no defense.

I think I’m going home now. And I’m not coming back until I have on a hummingbird hat.

I don’t care what that hat looks like – as long as it protects my head from a dive-bomb attack.

Hummingbird heading into Bongo's hat


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