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Dive-bombing Hummingbirds

HummingbirdsSometimes it’s dangerous on my trails. Today I saw something really strange.

Dive-bombing hummingbirds.

They would fly up really high – and then they would dive bomb. Flying down almost to the ground at top speed.

I got very concerned. What if they tried to dive-bomb my head.

Yikes! That could hurt!

I’m pretty brave. I can face big dogs and clawing, hissing cats. I can outrun a thunderstorm (Okay, maybe I’m not that brave.) and chase wild coyotes. But those little tiny hummingbirds could really hurt.

And I would have no defense.

I think I’m going home now. And I’m not coming back until I have on a hummingbird hat.

I don’t care what that hat looks like – as long as it protects my head from a dive-bomb attack.

Hummingbird heading into Bongo's hat


Posted by on July 27, 2012 in Bongo, dogs, humor


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