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Big, Big Dogs

Horse shoe prints in the dustWhat a day I had!

First, I saw these strange prints on my trails.

They don’t look like people prints and they’re certainly not from any animal I know.

I saw prints like these once, a long time ago.

And I never did figure out what they were.

I started to head home to get my Detective Dog hat and figure out this mystery when I came across another clue.


Bongo checking out horse droppings

Hmmm. This stuff tastes kind of good. I wonder where it came from.

My person wouldn’t let me finish the stuff off – and I guess it would have destroyed all the evidence anyway – so I continued on my way to get my hat.

When I saw them.

The biggest dogs I have ever seen in my life!

Two horses coming down the trail

And they were coming right at me!

They passed right by me on my trails.

Two horses on the trail with Thunder Mountain in the background

And there were people riding on their backs.

My person better never try to ride on my back.

Oh oh. Here come some more of those dogs.

Two more horses coming down the trail

Hey, where are those big dogs going?

Do you believe it? They just walked by me.

Horses walking away

And they didn’t even stop to say “Hi.”

Bongo trying to chase after the horses

Hey big dogs, come back here!

I’m not through with you yet.


This is terrible!

Not only did those big dogs just walk away…

Bongo's leg with cactus stickers in it

They made a cactus try to hold me in place so I couldn’t follow them.

I’ll take care of those dogs alright.

They won’t get away with ignoring me on my own trails.

Helicopter in the air

I’m sending the helicopter squad out to pick them up.


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Jet Trails

Sedona Sunset with Jet TrailMy trails are not the highest trails around. They’re underneath another set of trails. Jet trails.

Lots of jets fly over my trails. You can see where the setting sun is lighting up one of the  jet trails in the top of this picture.

Usually those jets don’t bother me – I hardly notice them at all. Except when it’s cloudy outside. I guess they figure that I can’t see them, and they want to make sure I know they’re there anyway. So they turn up their jet noise, and it sounds a lot like thunder.

When that happens I have to calm my person down. She gets all excited when she thinks it’s thunder, and I’m afraid she’s going to grab me by the leash and drag me home. I have to convince her that it’s not thunder at all.

But there are a few of those flying things that don’t seem to understand that they have to stay on the trails. I get in trouble if I wander off the trail. Shouldn’t all the flying things stay on their trails too?

Helicopter and Cloud Buildups

This one looks like it’s having a race with the clouds. I’m not sure who’s going to win, but I bet if that flying thing stayed in the jet trails the clouds wouldn’t have a chance.

Biplane and Contrail

I can see the jet trail in this picture and this flying thing is way off of it. Actually, I think this flying thing lost its way in time too. There must be a time warp somewhere in those jet trails, and I bet this flying thing popped out of it and got confused.

Hot Air Balloon

Wait a minute! This one looks like it’s trying to come down and steal my trails. I hope someone tells these flying things that if they want to be flying things, they’ve got to fly.


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Flying Away

Helicopter hovering in front of Thunder MountainThings have been flying around doing strange things on my trails today. If you look really hard and long at this picture you will see a little white dot around the middle of it. It’s a helicopter, and it hung out in that same spot for a long time.

And then it flew away.




Helicopter Flying Away

Helicopter flying under clouds

And after the helicopter left we spotted a couple hawks talking back and forth to each other.

Hawk in the top of a dead tree

Hawk in a tree

And one of them flew away.

Hawk Flying

And the hummingbirds were flying every which way. Two of them buzzed my person. Right next to her face. And then they flew away.

I wish I had my own camera so I could have taken a picture of that. Note to self: convince person to get me a camera.

And then the most amazing thing happened. That helicopter that had flown away flew back.

Helicopter Flying Back

I hope someone tells that helicopter that this story is about flying away – not flying back.


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