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Who Will Win?

Bongo on the trail looking upI was walking along my trails minding my own business when I looked up.

And in a tree were two birds.






I wonder what would happen if one of them decided to pull mischief on the other.

Hummingbird and hawk in a tree

Which one would win?


Would it be the hawk?

Definitely the largest and most powerful of the two.

A tried and true hunter.

Would the hawk win?

Or would it be…

Hummingbird in a tree

…the hummingbird?

I’m going for the hummingbird.

That hummingbird already has it’s pointy beak aimed directly at the hawk.

One perfectly aimed dive bomb and that hawk will never know what hit him.

I’m voting for the little guy.


Unless the little guy turns out to be…

Gizmo on his back on the couch

…a cat.


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Broken Branches

Bongo sniffing around a damaged treeWhat is going on here? There are broken branches all over the ground.

We haven’t had any storms around here lately. None of that nasty thunder and lightning and not even any rain or hail. Maybe some wind, but not enough to knock all these branches down.

I’d better get my Detective Dog hat on and check this out.






Bongo looking cool with his Detective Dog hat on

That’s better. Now I can check for clues.

Bongo sniffing around damaged tree

Wait a minute! Look at that tree that’s surrounded by all these loose branches. Somebody has hacked it all up.

I wonder if somebody else brought all these branches here to try and repair the tree.

If that’s what happened they left before they finished.

Now I have even more mysteries.

What to do? What to do?

Guess I’d better look for more clues.

Bongo sniffing for clues

Hey, I think I just saw a hawk fly by.

Maybe the hawk brought all those branches here and it flew away to look for more.

Or maybe little mice brought the branches and the hawk chased them off.

It would probably take a lot of little mice to carry each one of those branches.

I bet that would look pretty cool – seeing all those little mice work together.

Maybe if I hang out here for awhile the hawk won’t come back and the little mice will get brave and come out again.

I think I’ve solved another mystery.

Oh, wait! I’ve got two mysteries. I know that little mice brought the branches, but who hacked that tree up in the first place.

Maybe the little mice know. I think I’ll just wait here and ask them.


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Two pink flowers getting ready to openSpring weather has hit and my person had her camera out – again.

We saw lots of dogs on my trails and I was the only one who had to take my person on a leash. I guess those other dog people are better trained than my person is, because they seem to stay pretty close to their dogs.

Well, my person kept trying to avoid all those other dogs. I don’t think she trusts me to protect her from them. I don’t know why she thinks that. I’m good at giving those dogs what for.

But we had to go off this way and that way – on trails we hadn’t planned on going on – just to avoid all those other dogs.

Except for the first dog we met. We were walking faster than that dog and his people so one of the dog’s people picked him up while we walked by. Did I mention he was a little dog?

When we headed back I decided to take my person into the wash. We usually have the wash to ourselves, except for the birds. Hardly any people and dogs go there.

A hawk flew by and landed in a tree. We backtracked so my person could try to get close enough to get a good picture. But we never did get close, so you’ll have to search hard for that hawk.

Hawk in tree in the distance

And the reason we didn’t get close was because that first little dog and his people were right behind us. In the wash that hardly anybody goes in. So we turned around and went back the other way.

We left the wash and headed back on the trail, and you know what happened? That little dog left his people and followed us. He probably knows I’m a famous blogging dog and wanted to meet me.

So now I have a new friend. And he smells pretty good too.

Bongo sniffing Pablo

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Flying Away

Helicopter hovering in front of Thunder MountainThings have been flying around doing strange things on my trails today. If you look really hard and long at this picture you will see a little white dot around the middle of it. It’s a helicopter, and it hung out in that same spot for a long time.

And then it flew away.




Helicopter Flying Away

Helicopter flying under clouds

And after the helicopter left we spotted a couple hawks talking back and forth to each other.

Hawk in the top of a dead tree

Hawk in a tree

And one of them flew away.

Hawk Flying

And the hummingbirds were flying every which way. Two of them buzzed my person. Right next to her face. And then they flew away.

I wish I had my own camera so I could have taken a picture of that. Note to self: convince person to get me a camera.

And then the most amazing thing happened. That helicopter that had flown away flew back.

Helicopter Flying Back

I hope someone tells that helicopter that this story is about flying away – not flying back.


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