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Rock n Roll

Bongo by a broken rockHere I am reporting from a dry wash in the middle of my trails.

What? I’ve got to explain myself?

Oh. Dry wash.

Well, it’s dry – most of the time.

That’s why they call it a dry wash.

But sometimes when there’s a lot of rain the water washes through.

That’s why they call it a wash.

So here I am in the middle of this dry wash and I see something strange.


A rock – a pretty big rock – broken in two.

Broken rock

It must have come rolling down the wash and hit this other rock hard.

But if this rock was tumbling down fast enough to hit that rock and break, then I don’t think the wash was dry.

There must have been water flowing through really fast.

Does that mean it was a wet wash?

I guess so.

But I’ve never heard anyone talk about a wet wash.

But there’s something else too.

A rock that hits hard enough to break would probably make a lot of noise.

Maybe a thunder-like noise.

And a dry wash turns into a wet wash when there’s a lot of rain.

And most of the time when there’s thunder there’s rain.

So maybe there’s no such thing as thunder.

It’s noisy rocks instead.

So now I’ve got a plan.

If I could get the City of Sedona to ban all rocks from being here and send them far away, then I’d be a happy dog.

I’m on my way to the Mayor’s office.

I’m sure he’ll think it’s a great idea.


Note from Bongo’s Person: If you’re not familiar with Sedona, it’s famous for its rocks.

Close up of lit up red rocks


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Too Many Piles

Bongo next to a pile of rocks in a washI don’t believe it!

Someone ran out of room in their rock pile spot and now they’re even building rock piles in my wash.

This is a silly place to build rock piles.

Don’t they know this is a wash?

As soon as we get a good rain the water will come roaring down here and take that rock pile away.

Oh, wait.

When was the last time we had rain here?

That rock pile might be safe after all.

So anyway, since that rock pile in the wash might wash away I’m going to leave it alone.

And invade the rock pile spot instead.

Bongo among many piles of rocks

Every time I walk by here there are more piles of rocks.

They’re running out of room to even put more piles.

So I think I’ll do them a little favor.

So they have a chance to do some more piling…

Bongo knocked over a few rocks

I think I’ll knock a few of these rocks to the ground.


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The Missing Walk

Bongo in the dry washI was really excited today because my person let me head up the dry wash.

I’m always trying to pull her up this wash and most of the time she says no and pulls back.

So I figured we’d get a nice, long walk today.

Well, I figured wrong.

We got a little way up the wash – a few feet, no more. And then what does she do.

She pulls out her camera.

She didn’t want to go on a walk with me. She wanted to take pictures.

And she picked the strangest things to take pictures of.

If she wanted to take pictures of me, that would be one thing.

But no, she wanted to take pictures of…

White flowers on a bush


Flower fairy

and fairies.

And this is the worst one.

catclaw seed pods

She took pictures of catclaws.

Couldn’t she at least have found some dog paws to take pictures of instead?

Bongo in the dry wash looking back

Hey person, I’m over here. Point your camera this way.

Now start walking.


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The Swimming Hole

Bongo in a swimming holeI found it! I found it!

No, I didn’t find that. I’m still looking for the dry wash on my trails and it hasn’t shown up anywhere.

But I found a swimming hole. Where the dry wash used to be.

I’ve never found a swimming hole on my trails before.

And now I can do one of my favorite things to do.



Bongo splashing the water

Splashing the water into the air and catching it in my mouth.

Person, they can’t tell what I’m doing in a picture.

Why didn’t you take a video? I’ve always wanted to be in the movies.

But there’s one problem with this swimming hole.

Bongo in a swimming hole that's too small to swim in

I can’t swim in my swimming hole.

It’s not big enough.

I guess it’s not enough to ask for a swimming hole.

I have to say what size I want too.

It’s not my fault.

Swimming holes are for swimming in. Doesn’t that mean they’re supposed to be big enough to swim in?

Okay, next time I ask for a swimming hole I’ll ask for one I can actually swim in.

Bongo looking like he doesn't want to get out of the water

What do you mean, I have to get out now?

This might be a too small swimming hole, but it’s still my swimming hole.

I wanna stay.


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Missed the Swimming Hole

Bongo looking down a dry washDo you see that? Do you see it?

Right where I’m looking.

This is my wash here.

Normally it looks like this with no water in it.

You see where the grass is laying down?

Right there is a little trail that connects to the rest of my trails.

But the grass there is usually standing up tall.

That grass doesn’t normally lay down on the job.

And you know what that means?

It means that water came flowing down my wash and got so deep that it buried all that grass.

My wash turned into a regular swimming hole.

And I missed it.

I missed my chance to go swimming in my own wash.

By the time I got out here there was no water at all.

What, person? What are you trying to tell me?

What? When that water was here it was pouring down rain and thundering?

But that’s terrible!

How dare that rain and thunder be here at the same time as my swimming hole.

I bet that’s what chased my swimming hole away.

I mean, isn’t that kind of like raining on my parade?

Bongo next to a dry wash


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New Expedition

View in a wash in SedonaToday I got to go on a new adventure. I got to go exploring.

I can’t believe we’ve never been here before. It’s my wash, after all.

But it’s the other part of my wash.

When we get to this place in my trails we usually go left and head back home. To explore this part we have to go right.

Finally I talked my person into going right for a change.

And we were off – on a new expedition.

Bongo exploring a dry wash

At first I had a good time checking out all the new smells in this wash.

But then I saw something really strange.

A barkless tree.

Barkless tree

It’s a good thing this tree is not a dog. It would have a terrible time giving warnings in dog talk.

We headed up past that tree and kept on going.

And then I saw it.

Something I’ve never seen on my trails before.

I think somebody has been expecting me because…

Bongo by a stone wall

they started building me a house.

Whoever is building it must be coming back because they haven’t finished with it.

The walls are almost high enough for me, but the house still needs a roof.

I looked to see if I could see anyone around.

Bongo in front of stone structure

I don’t see anybody this way.

Bongo looking opposite direction in front of stone structure

Nobody over this direction either.

The house builder doesn’t seem to be around anywhere.

Bongo looking at stone structure

Guess I’ll go inspect the place.

As long as there’s no rain I can wait for the roof.


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Bongo not movingI’ve got a complaint, and I should have posted this for Monday Mischief, but when someone pulls mischief on me, I’ve got to post it when it happens.

You see, my person tried to tell me everything was fine outside. I knew it wasn’t but she made me go.

My neighbor across the street was in on it too. He said there wasn’t any thunder.

But I knew it was coming. The wind was blowing, the clouds were dark, and I knew I would hear that awful noise any minute.

It even started raining. I swear I felt a drop or two.

I took my person into my wash because it seemed like the safest place.

But then it happened. The wind picked up and I heard a rumbly in the sky. Not loud, but it still meant business in my book.

Bongo trying to climb the rocks

I tried to get my person to head the safest direction, but for some reason she wouldn’t go for it.

More mischief on her part, I’m sure.

Since my person wouldn’t go up that hill there was only one direction to head – and it led straight to my toadies.

And you know what my person did?

She pulled more mischief on me!

Bongo tied to a dead tree

She tied me to a tree.

Bongo tied to and tangled on a tree

She tried to tell me it was so I wouldn’t trample the toadies.

Bongo looking down from the tree he's tied to

I’ll trample those toadies alright.

They’re pulling mischief on me too.

They took my puddle.

Tiny toads in mud

There were little toadies hopping around everywhere that my puddle used to be.

They seemed to be settling in.

Toads in a mud hut

They even had little toad houses.

This mischief has gone far enough.

I’m having it out with those toadies right now.

Those toadies are going to have to move and give me back my puddle.


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