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Rock n Roll

Bongo by a broken rockHere I am reporting from a dry wash in the middle of my trails.

What? I’ve got to explain myself?

Oh. Dry wash.

Well, it’s dry – most of the time.

That’s why they call it a dry wash.

But sometimes when there’s a lot of rain the water washes through.

That’s why they call it a wash.

So here I am in the middle of this dry wash and I see something strange.


A rock – a pretty big rock – broken in two.

Broken rock

It must have come rolling down the wash and hit this other rock hard.

But if this rock was tumbling down fast enough to hit that rock and break, then I don’t think the wash was dry.

There must have been water flowing through really fast.

Does that mean it was a wet wash?

I guess so.

But I’ve never heard anyone talk about a wet wash.

But there’s something else too.

A rock that hits hard enough to break would probably make a lot of noise.

Maybe a thunder-like noise.

And a dry wash turns into a wet wash when there’s a lot of rain.

And most of the time when there’s thunder there’s rain.

So maybe there’s no such thing as thunder.

It’s noisy rocks instead.

So now I’ve got a plan.

If I could get the City of Sedona to ban all rocks from being here and send them far away, then I’d be a happy dog.

I’m on my way to the Mayor’s office.

I’m sure he’ll think it’s a great idea.


Note from Bongo’s Person: If you’re not familiar with Sedona, it’s famous for its rocks.

Close up of lit up red rocks


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Stacked Up

Bongo looking back at a rock stack on the trailMost of my adventures happen in a day, or a walk, or maybe even in a minute.

But this adventure took a long time to unfold.

Almost a month.

Because every time I walked by this place something had changed.

For some reason people like to stack rocks on my trails.

Sometimes when I go for a walk I’ll find that a new stack has appeared.

And sometimes it’s gone again the next day.


But one particular stack started out small.

Bongo in front of the rock stack

And then it grew.

And a few days later…

Bongo next to a stack of rocks

It grew again.

So I started getting excited to see what would happen each time I walked by.

How big would this stack get?

So the next time I walked by that way…

Bongo in front of a slightly shorter rock stack

Wait a minute.

There’s something wrong with this picture.

I’m not very good at counting, but aren’t there supposed to be more rocks on this stack, not less?


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Stump with a Heart

Tall stump with a red rock shaped like a heart on itI pass this stump almost every day when I go walking on my trails, but there’s something different about it today.

This stump has a heart.

It never had a heart before.

Not until today.

I wonder if this stump went to the Land of Oz and got its heart.

You know, like the tin man who wanted a heart.

So he went and talked to the wizard.

That tin man had to do a lot of hard things to find out that he really did have a heart.

I wonder what this stump had to do.

Maybe build a few rock piles – or knock some down.

Or chase away the aliens when they try to invade my trails.

Or it might have stood guard against those nasty javelina when they tried to eat the prickly pear cactus.

Whatever that stump did, it worked.

And I think I’ll hang around it for awhile because…

Bongo next to the stump with the heart

This stump has heart.


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And the Clues Lead to…

Bongo and a rock pileI was walking along the wash on my trails today, like I do almost every day – when I saw it.

Rock piles have been showing up everywhere and here was yet another one.

One of these days every rock on my trails will be part of a pile.

This might cause a serious problem.

If one of those rock piles falls over, a lizard might get smashed.

Or a rabbit.

Or maybe even a dog!

I decided I’d better get on my Detective Dog hat…



Bongo looking cool with his Detective Dog hat on

And look for clues.

And I found them.

Clues, that is.

I discovered that I’d better watch my step…

An eye drawn on a rock

Because someone is keeping an eye on me.

And they obviously know my secret identity.

I found an S on my trails the other day…

S's drawn on a rock

And now here are more.

They obviously know that I’m Super Dog.

But they also know…

A star and crescent moon drawn on a rock

That I’m the star of the show.


And here it is.

The final clue.

I know everybody’s been waiting anxiously to find out who’s been building all these rock piles.

Strange animal face drawn on a rock

Now all I have to do is find this culprit.


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Bongo looking under a rockToday there wasn’t a single car parked by my trails.

This doesn’t happen very often.

I had to check under the rocks to make sure there were no cars hiding there.

But there weren’t.

And we didn’t see any people or dogs on my trails either.

I don’t know what happened to everybody.

But I think they were all erased.

Because I caught somebody in the act. Somebody trying to erase my rocks too, and they hadn’t finished yet.

Cloud covered rocks in the distance

Red rocks covered in clouds

I’d better be careful so nobody erases me.

Because my trails are extra fun today.

For some reason there are more puddles than usual.

Bongo looking at a puddle

I love splashing through all the puddles – and tasting them too.

And today I found something really unusual.

I hope they weren’t behind all that erasing, because I’ve never seen anything quite like them on my trails.

Maybe they’re here checking out what’s happening, and they’re here to help.

But what if they’re the cause of the erasures?

I think I’d better keep my distance.

Bubbles on red rocks

Watch out everybody.

Stay away from those bubbles!


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Finding Clues

Bongo looking cool with his Detective Dog hat onI’ve got some investigating to do.

I’ve seen bits and pieces of strange things on my trails the last few days so I’m going to start out right.

I’ve got my Detective Dog hat on already.

I’m ready to go.

So here’s what’s happening.

There’s a spot just off of one of my trails that has strange rocks piled up around a small clearing.


But my person won’t let me go investigate that spot because when we walk by there are people guarding it.

I’m not sure if they’re really people.

They’re probably aliens or something.

But since they’re guarding that place I’ve got to see if I can find some clues to what that place is somewhere else on my trails.

They had to get to that spot somehow, and that means they’ve probably left some evidence.

I’ve found some strange smells, but for some reason people won’t accept smells as evidence.

If they’d only improve their noses.

So I searched and searched for something my person could see.

And finally I found it.

Way off on a little side trail that hardly anyone ever uses, there it was.

Bongo by a pile of rocks and sticks

Whoever piled up those strange rocks in that other place must pile up rocks wherever they go.

Yup, they’ve been here alright.

Pile of rocks and sticks

Now that I know where they’ve been I’ve just got to figure out who they are.

But until I get to the bottom of this –

Don’t stop and talk to any aliens.


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Strange Rock Behavior

Bongo sniffing a pile of rocksThere are a lot of rocks on my trails.

Big rocks and little rocks. Rock mountains and boulders.

Mostly they just hang out where they are.

Well, sometimes a bunch of tiny rocks will gang up on my person and slip right out from under her foot.

There’s one trail that she won’t let me take her down at all when it’s dry because it’s full of little rocks that like to do that to her.





But today, I found a few rocks doing something different.

Bongo sniffing another pile of rocks

They decided to see how high they can get.

I found two piles of rocks right next to each other.

Come to think of it, I saw some of those piles on our hike the other day – on different trails.

And my person says she’s seen piles in other places too.

So why are these rocks doing this?

Are they trying to top the next rock by seeing who can climb the highest?

Are they trying to get all the rocks to join them so they can become part of a rock wall?

Maybe they’re playing a new game. You know, like pig pile on – only it’s rock pile on.

Just when I was about to give up trying to figure out what these rocks are up to, I came across another rock.

And this rock had really strange behavior.

Prickly pear cactus with a red rock sticking out of it

I mean, who would purposely stick themselves into a cactus.

Usually it’s the cactus that sticks itself into someone.

Oh wait, now I get it. That cactus is sticking.

It’s sticking out its tongue.


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The Missing Piece

Bongo in front of empty spot in the rockHey person, check this out. This is a real puzzle for sure. Somebody forgot to put the last piece in the puzzle. I’d better put my Detective Dog hat on and find out where that missing piece is.






Bongo Looking Around

Do you see it anywhere? Nope, not over here. I’d better check somewhere else.

Bongo and the Missing Piece

Check this out, person. I think I’ve found it.

The Missing Piece

Do you think this is it?

The Empty Spot

Do you think it will fit in this spot?

Hey, wait a minute! Why would someone forget to put the last piece in when they had it right here? And I thought I was doing so well. I found the missing piece, but now I have a whole new mystery.

I wonder who put this puzzle together anyway.

Missing Piece and Empty Spot

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The Heart Man

Heart Rock and BongoMy person and I met this man on my trails and he stopped and gave me loves. Some people give me loves, but most of them just walk by. Sometimes they say something to me, but a lot of them ignore me. It’s really disappointing, but that makes it special when I do get loves.

This man talked to my person for a couple minutes – general stuff like how nice a day it was. Well of course it was a nice day. Anytime I get loves it’s a nice day.

We were about to go on when the man reached into his pocket and handed something to my person.

And then I realized who he was.

The Heart Man!

We don’t see him often. We’ve only seen him twice before. But whenever we see him he gives my person a little red rock shaped like a heart.

Bongo and a Heart Rock

I think it’s pretty cool that he does that – and especially cool that he gives me loves. But I think there’s one more thing he needs to do.

I wonder if he could get some heart shaped treats to hand out to dogs.


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