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Stump with a Heart

Tall stump with a red rock shaped like a heart on itI pass this stump almost every day when I go walking on my trails, but there’s something different about it today.

This stump has a heart.

It never had a heart before.

Not until today.

I wonder if this stump went to the Land of Oz and got its heart.

You know, like the tin man who wanted a heart.

So he went and talked to the wizard.

That tin man had to do a lot of hard things to find out that he really did have a heart.

I wonder what this stump had to do.

Maybe build a few rock piles – or knock some down.

Or chase away the aliens when they try to invade my trails.

Or it might have stood guard against those nasty javelina when they tried to eat the prickly pear cactus.

Whatever that stump did, it worked.

And I think I’ll hang around it for awhile because…

Bongo next to the stump with the heart

This stump has heart.


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The Missing Piece

Bongo in front of empty spot in the rockHey person, check this out. This is a real puzzle for sure. Somebody forgot to put the last piece in the puzzle. I’d better put my Detective Dog hat on and find out where that missing piece is.






Bongo Looking Around

Do you see it anywhere? Nope, not over here. I’d better check somewhere else.

Bongo and the Missing Piece

Check this out, person. I think I’ve found it.

The Missing Piece

Do you think this is it?

The Empty Spot

Do you think it will fit in this spot?

Hey, wait a minute! Why would someone forget to put the last piece in when they had it right here? And I thought I was doing so well. I found the missing piece, but now I have a whole new mystery.

I wonder who put this puzzle together anyway.

Missing Piece and Empty Spot

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