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Stack on Stack

Bongo sniffing a stack of rocks on the trailCheck this out.

You see those rocks that are covered with wire?

Well, those are supposed to be there.

They mark the trail for people who don’t know where it is and can’t smell it.

If people were like us dogs they’d smell their way along the trail and they wouldn’t need trail markers at all.

But apparently, instead of not needing any markers, someone needed extra markers – because they stacked extra rocks on top of the ones that are supposed to be there.

And then to make sure nobody missed them, they shone a light right on them.

I’ve got to figure out how they did that light thing.


So while I was still deep into my investigation…

Bongo looking cool with his Detective Dog hat on

…I came back the next day and the mystery had deepened.

I mean heightened.

Bongo sniffing a taller stack of rocks on the trail

There were more rocks on the stack.

And the light was still there.


I’ve got to figure out that light thing.

Maybe I can get it to shine on me.

I’d love to be in the spotlight.

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Stacked Up

Bongo looking back at a rock stack on the trailMost of my adventures happen in a day, or a walk, or maybe even in a minute.

But this adventure took a long time to unfold.

Almost a month.

Because every time I walked by this place something had changed.

For some reason people like to stack rocks on my trails.

Sometimes when I go for a walk I’ll find that a new stack has appeared.

And sometimes it’s gone again the next day.


But one particular stack started out small.

Bongo in front of the rock stack

And then it grew.

And a few days later…

Bongo next to a stack of rocks

It grew again.

So I started getting excited to see what would happen each time I walked by.

How big would this stack get?

So the next time I walked by that way…

Bongo in front of a slightly shorter rock stack

Wait a minute.

There’s something wrong with this picture.

I’m not very good at counting, but aren’t there supposed to be more rocks on this stack, not less?


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And the Clues Lead to…

Bongo and a rock pileI was walking along the wash on my trails today, like I do almost every day – when I saw it.

Rock piles have been showing up everywhere and here was yet another one.

One of these days every rock on my trails will be part of a pile.

This might cause a serious problem.

If one of those rock piles falls over, a lizard might get smashed.

Or a rabbit.

Or maybe even a dog!

I decided I’d better get on my Detective Dog hat…



Bongo looking cool with his Detective Dog hat on

And look for clues.

And I found them.

Clues, that is.

I discovered that I’d better watch my step…

An eye drawn on a rock

Because someone is keeping an eye on me.

And they obviously know my secret identity.

I found an S on my trails the other day…

S's drawn on a rock

And now here are more.

They obviously know that I’m Super Dog.

But they also know…

A star and crescent moon drawn on a rock

That I’m the star of the show.


And here it is.

The final clue.

I know everybody’s been waiting anxiously to find out who’s been building all these rock piles.

Strange animal face drawn on a rock

Now all I have to do is find this culprit.


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RV that says Zeitgeist on the backI found the strangest word on my trails.

I can’t even read and I still think it’s a strange word.

And I sure don’t know what it means.

But it might be a violent word because it seems to be related to killing TVs.

Anyway, I decided to make my person look the word up.

And I still don’t know what it means.

Because there doesn’t seem to be a translation into English – or even into dog language.

I thought everything could be translated into dog language. Woof!


But my person found out that word is a movie – and there are conspiracy theories in that movie.

I don’t know what conspiracy theories are – but I think they’re related to everybody being turned into rock piles on my trails.

Rock piles next to the trail

That word seems to get around because my person found out it’s also a movement. Apparently a bunch of people think they can fix the world.

People are never going to fix the world unless they listen to us dogs.

But here’s the definition of this strange word. Zeitgeist: the general beliefs, ideas, and spirit of a time and place.

So I guess the zeitgeist of my trails is that it’s a great place for dogs to take their people for walks.


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A New Clue

Rock piles and BongoFor the last couple days I’ve been investigating a strange phenomenon on my trails.

The emergence (I’m not sure what that word means, but it sounds good.) of rock piles everywhere on my trails.

I’m sure that somebody has been turning boys and other living creatures into piles of rocks.

But I haven’t been able to figure out who is doing it.

And it’s really kind of scary, I mean, whoever it is could turn me into a pile of rocks at any time.

And if I don’t know who’s doing it, I might not see them coming.


But today I came across another clue.

While I was out investigating…

Wait, wait!

I can’t do any investigations without my Detective Dog hat.

Bongo looking cool with his Detective Dog hat on

There, that’s better.

Like I said, while I was out investigating I came across another clue.

I still don’t know who the culprit is, but now I know how he disguises himself.

Because I stepped back to see if I could get a different perspective (Wow! This Detective Dog hat really increases my vocabulary.) on things and I saw something I hadn’t seen before.

Small rainbow near the rock piles

Do you see it?

That culprit is still hanging about.

Look closer. He’s there.

That culprit is the one disguised as a rainbow.

Don’t ever trust a rainbow again – at least not one that hangs around rock piles.


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Little Piles of Rocks

Bongo checking out little rock piles on the groundWhat is going on on my trails?

Yesterday I told you how those boys were turned into piles of rocks.

Now I’m finding little piles of rocks.

What could these be?


They’re too small to be bunnies.

Birds maybe?


I think I’d better get my Detective Dog hat on and investigate this.

Detective Dog

That’s better.

If this keeps up everything that moves will be turned into piles of rocks.

I’d better find out who’s behind this.

Oh look! I’ve found more clues.

Trail cairn with a rock pile on top

That big pile of rocks under the wire is supposed to be there.

That marks the trail so people don’t get lost.

Well, less people get lost anyway.

But look what’s on top of that pile of rocks.

There’s another pile of rocks.

Someone’s trying to be sneaky now and disguise their piles.

They’re hoping no one will notice what they’re up to.

Well, I have noticed!

And I’m going to get to the bottom of this.

I’d better hurry too.

Because if I don’t find the culprit soon enough someone might sneak up behind me…

Bongo dog looking away from the cairn

and turn me into a pile of rocks.


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Where’s the Boys?

High school hang out spotWhat’s this?

Isn’t this the spot on my trails where the boys sometimes hang out?


I don’t see any boys now.

All I see are a bunch of rock piles where the boys usually are.



Tall piles of rocks

These rock piles are really tall.

Rock piles have been sprouting up here and there on my trails lately – but I’ve never seen any this big.

They must be special rock piles.

But where did those boys go?

Bongo checking behind the rock piles

Are they hiding back here?

Bongo sniffing the bushes behind the rock piles

Maybe they’re hiding in the bushes.

I don’t see those boys anywhere.

I wonder if they hid underground.

I’d better check.

Bongo digging near the rock piles

Oh wait. What’s this?

This is proof.

Those boys are here.

Blue airsoft pellet

It’s an airsoft pellet.

A sure sign that boys are here.

But where are they?


Oh no.

I finally figured it out.

I know where they are.

No wonder those rock piles are really tall.

Someone turned those boys into rocks.

Bongo sniffing a rock pile

Yup, it’s them alright.

Who’s going to go tell their mothers?


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