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Where’s the Boys?

High school hang out spotWhat’s this?

Isn’t this the spot on my trails where the boys sometimes hang out?


I don’t see any boys now.

All I see are a bunch of rock piles where the boys usually are.



Tall piles of rocks

These rock piles are really tall.

Rock piles have been sprouting up here and there on my trails lately – but I’ve never seen any this big.

They must be special rock piles.

But where did those boys go?

Bongo checking behind the rock piles

Are they hiding back here?

Bongo sniffing the bushes behind the rock piles

Maybe they’re hiding in the bushes.

I don’t see those boys anywhere.

I wonder if they hid underground.

I’d better check.

Bongo digging near the rock piles

Oh wait. What’s this?

This is proof.

Those boys are here.

Blue airsoft pellet

It’s an airsoft pellet.

A sure sign that boys are here.

But where are they?


Oh no.

I finally figured it out.

I know where they are.

No wonder those rock piles are really tall.

Someone turned those boys into rocks.

Bongo sniffing a rock pile

Yup, it’s them alright.

Who’s going to go tell their mothers?


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