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Wind and Fire

Gebhard_Fugel_PfingtspredigtHey person, I’m still trying to figure out what those weird animals are you’ve been hanging out with all week.

I’m not ready for another Bible story.

If I listen will you tell me about the weird animals?

What do you mean, I have to take my chances?

But last week Jesus went up into heaven.

Isn’t the story over?

Okay, I’m listening.


When the day of Pentecost came, the disciples were all together in one place. Suddenly a sound like the blowing of a violent wind came from heaven and filled the whole house where they were sitting.


We had wind here today.

Do you think it was the same wind that blew on us and them?

I am listening.


They saw what seemed to be tongues of fire that separated and came to rest on each of them.


Somebody better get the fire hose!

What do you mean, listen to the story?

Are you going to get the fire hose, person?


All of them were filled with the Holy Spirit and began to speak in other tongues as the Spirit enabled them.


Did the Holy Spirit get the fire hose?


Now there were staying in Jerusalem God-fearing Jews from every nation under heaven. When they heard this sound, a crowd came together in bewilderment, because each one heard them speaking in his own language.


I bet some of them could even speak to dogs.

Yes, I’m listening.

I think I hear someone speaking my language.


Utterly amazed, they asked, “Are not all these men who are speaking Galileans? Then how is it that each of us hears them in his own native language? Parthians, Medes, and Elamites; residents of Mesopotamia, Judea and Cappadocia, Pontus and Asia, Phrygia and Pamphylia, Egypt and the parts of Libya near Cyrene; visitors from Rome (both Jews and converts to Judaism); Cretans and Arabs – we hear them declaring the wonders of God in our own tongues!”


I wonder if the dogs from all those places speak the same language?

I am speaking – I mean listening.


Amazed and perplexed, they asked one another, “What does this mean?”


I bet if all those people could speak to their dogs it would all be explained.


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What’s the Mystery?

Bongo sniffing a bushWhat mystery?


I met one of my neighbors on my trails today and he said there was a mystery.

I’m trying to figure out what he’s talking about.

How can Detective Dog solve a mystery if he doesn’t know what it is?

Maybe I’ll figure it out if I put on my Detective Dog hat.





Bongo with Detective Dog hat covering his eyes

Okay, where’s that mystery?

My neighbor was talking about what?

The mystery of the clouds?

If they’re not on my trails and I can’t smell them, then it must not be a mystery worthy of Detective Dog’s time.

Besides, what’s so mysterious about clouds?

Strange cloud shapes?

Wind blown clouds over Chimney Rock

Strange shaped clouds

Strange shaped clouds near the sun

I’m leaving the mystery of the strange cloud shapes to my neighbor.

I’m heading back inside. It’s awfully windy out here.


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Purple Droppings

Bongo sniffing plums on the groundThis is really strange.

It’s happening in the very same spot.

But the color has changed.

This might take some investigation.

I haven’t even made it to my trails yet. I’m just a few feet from my front door.

I’m going to run back home for my Detective Dog hat.


Detective Dog

Awhile back, way last May I think it was, I was walking to my trails and I hadn’t even made it yet when I found all these strange green things all over the ground.

I was lucky I wasn’t hit by any of them as they fell. But there they were. All over the place.

I never did solve that mystery to my satisfaction (I know, dogs like me shouldn’t be using such big words but I’ve been blogging for a long time now and it seems to be affecting my brain.). I’m still working on that investigation.

So now, I’m walking by that very same spot where I found all those green things so long ago.

And in that very same spot I find purple things all over the ground.

I’m pretty sure a flock of pesky birds dropped those green things. I think they may have been out to get a neighborhood cat – or worse yet, one of my dog buddies who walks by here.

So now I’ve got to figure out what those birds are up to.

Did they drop those purple things too?

Maybe those green things were too small, or too easy to spot.

So those birds found something bigger that blends in better.

At least I don’t think I have to worry about this anymore.

With all the wind we’ve been having I think it shook those birds out of the trees around here.

Good riddance birds.

Take your purple things with you and don’t come back.

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Unexpected Weather Day

Bongo in a puddle in the yardWhat a day! My person said it was going to rain today and I guess she was right. It’s been doing nothing but rain all day long. It’s not even a day I want to go out for a walk, and I usually take my person out in almost any kind of weather.

Well, except for that thunder kind of weather, that is.

We weren’t supposed to get any of that thunder stuff today. But I guess the clouds got tired of sending down rain because for awhile they sent hail…


Hail on the stairs

and then it thundered.

But awhile later those clouds changed their mind again. It started to snow. Really hard.

Bongo in the snow

That snow even stayed on the ground.

Bongo sniffing the snow

Okay, I checked it out. It’s really snow – even though we were only supposed to get rain today.

It’s cold, wet, and blowy out here. This is all the walk I need.

You mean I don’t have to drag you back home, person? You want to go home, too?

Move over, Scratchy. I’m taking over your warm spot.


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Missing Birds

Bongo walking into the windNormally when I go out on my trails I hear lots of birds chirping or making whatever birdie sound they feel like making. And if I look up into the trees I can usually see birds flitting around in there.

But not today. The birds were quiet, but it certainly wasn’t quiet on my trails.

There was howling, and whistling, and blowing, and my ears got pressed down tight to my head. The clouds overhead were moving so fast I’m surprised there were any left in the sky.

I finally heard one bird overhead, but it went by so fast that I think the wind had grabbed it and was taking it wherever it is that wind goes.

It must have taken all the other birds already.

I was determined that the wind wasn’t going to take me away, so I led my person down into the wash where the wind had trouble getting to us.

Bongo in the wash

And guess what. Some of the birds had the same idea. At least the ones that the wind hadn’t grabbed and taken away yet.

Birds were chirping down in that wash, and a raven was even toughing it out overhead.

Guess I know where I’m heading if I ever want to go bird hunting on a windy day.


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Make it Stop

Bongo unhappy with the falling snowToday seemed like an ordinary day as my person and I headed out for our walk. Well, it was cloudy and kind of chilly, but I can put up with that. Anything for a walk.

But as soon as we got out to the street I could see it coming. Have you ever watched a storm about ready to attack you? It’s like a big cloud coming toward you –ready to engulf you.

And then it did.

Snow and wind coming right in my face. And it wasn’t that light, fluffy kind of snow. This was that hard little corny kind. I didn’t like it one little bit. I don’t know what my person was thinking. She kept heading up the trail.

Bongo balking while the snow is falling

I had to put my foot down. I came to a halt.

Bongo giving the evil eye

My person still didn’t get it. I gave her the evil eye.

Finally she got the message and we headed toward home. But by then the wind and snow were bad in both directions.

Bongo looking for another route

I started looking around to see if that snow was everywhere. Maybe it was only falling on my trail.

There must be another way.

Bongo not wanting to go

I think my person should have followed me off the trail, but she made me stay on it. And it wasn’t the right way at all. By now those snowflakes were turning into monsters. More like hail if you ask me.

Bongo with snow on his back and a sad look

I finally had to try the sad look. It hasn’t worked before, but there’s got to be a first time. I’m sure my person could stop this storm if she wanted to.


I knew it. My person could stop the storm. As soon as we got back in the house that snow stopped coming down.

Now I just have to figure out why my person was picking on me.



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