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Where is Nemo?

Snow falling on BongoSome of my friends in the eastern part of the States have had a visit by someone called Nemo. Nemo seems to like snow because he brought a lot of that with him. The people there are buried in snow, but some of my dog friends are having a great time playing in it.

I thought it would be  fun to have some of that snow to play in, so I went out to see if Nemo had stopped by here.

I think maybe Nemo shook his head this direction because a lot of white flakes landed on top of me. They kind of look like dandruff. I think maybe Nemo needs to use a new shampoo.

Nemo, you might want to try some of mine. It works pretty good.

I figured Nemo was getting pretty close if he could shake his head and have stuff land here so I went looking, but I didn’t have much luck.

Bongo sniffing a little snow in a pine tree

Nemo, are you hiding in this tree? I think you left something behind.

Wait a minute. I think I found something.

Bongo eating snow from a small snow patch

No this doesn’t look like it came from Nemo either. Maybe from one of his little brothers. A very tiny little brother.

This is no good. I’m very jealous of my doggie friends that have all that snow to play in while I’m having no luck.

What, person?

I’m lucky I can’t find Nemo? Why would you say that?

If anybody out there sees Nemo, could you tell him to stop by and see me, and bring some of his snow? And not just what he shakes out of his head either.

I mean it. I’m really serious about finding Nemo.

P.S. My person and I send our prayers to everyone who is digging their way out of the storm.


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Make it Stop

Bongo unhappy with the falling snowToday seemed like an ordinary day as my person and I headed out for our walk. Well, it was cloudy and kind of chilly, but I can put up with that. Anything for a walk.

But as soon as we got out to the street I could see it coming. Have you ever watched a storm about ready to attack you? It’s like a big cloud coming toward you –ready to engulf you.

And then it did.

Snow and wind coming right in my face. And it wasn’t that light, fluffy kind of snow. This was that hard little corny kind. I didn’t like it one little bit. I don’t know what my person was thinking. She kept heading up the trail.

Bongo balking while the snow is falling

I had to put my foot down. I came to a halt.

Bongo giving the evil eye

My person still didn’t get it. I gave her the evil eye.

Finally she got the message and we headed toward home. But by then the wind and snow were bad in both directions.

Bongo looking for another route

I started looking around to see if that snow was everywhere. Maybe it was only falling on my trail.

There must be another way.

Bongo not wanting to go

I think my person should have followed me off the trail, but she made me stay on it. And it wasn’t the right way at all. By now those snowflakes were turning into monsters. More like hail if you ask me.

Bongo with snow on his back and a sad look

I finally had to try the sad look. It hasn’t worked before, but there’s got to be a first time. I’m sure my person could stop this storm if she wanted to.


I knew it. My person could stop the storm. As soon as we got back in the house that snow stopped coming down.

Now I just have to figure out why my person was picking on me.



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Et Tu, Brute?

Bongo looking at gray skies while on the trailSomething is really strange out on my trails today. I can’t quite put my paws on it – but something is different. I think I’ll stay close to my person. Things just don’t feel quite right.








Thunder Mountain and gray skies

I think I’ve got it. The sky isn’t the same. It’s been blue for a long time now. I’d almost forgotten it could ever be any other color. But it isn’t blue today. Look how gray it is.

My person says all this gray is coming from a storm called Brutus that’s on its way.

Brutus! What kind of a name is that for a storm?

The Weather Channel named it that?

I’ve heard of thunderstorms, and snowstorms, and rainstorms, and hailstorms. I’ve even heard of windstorms. But Brutus storms? This could be really dangerous. Is Brutus going to be falling out of the sky? What would that be like? Or maybe there will be lots of Brutuses falling.

Faint hills in the background

Hey person, I can barely see those hills. I think Brutus is on its way. We’d better get out of here.

Storm covering Thunder Mountain

Oh, no! It’s covering up Thunder Mountain now. We’re surrounded!

Wait a minute. I think I’m getting wet. These little Brutuses that are hitting me seem a lot like rain. Do you think the Weather Channel knew what they were talking about when they named this storm Brutus?


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