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Et Tu, Brute?

Bongo looking at gray skies while on the trailSomething is really strange out on my trails today. I can’t quite put my paws on it – but something is different. I think I’ll stay close to my person. Things just don’t feel quite right.








Thunder Mountain and gray skies

I think I’ve got it. The sky isn’t the same. It’s been blue for a long time now. I’d almost forgotten it could ever be any other color. But it isn’t blue today. Look how gray it is.

My person says all this gray is coming from a storm called Brutus that’s on its way.

Brutus! What kind of a name is that for a storm?

The Weather Channel named it that?

I’ve heard of thunderstorms, and snowstorms, and rainstorms, and hailstorms. I’ve even heard of windstorms. But Brutus storms? This could be really dangerous. Is Brutus going to be falling out of the sky? What would that be like? Or maybe there will be lots of Brutuses falling.

Faint hills in the background

Hey person, I can barely see those hills. I think Brutus is on its way. We’d better get out of here.

Storm covering Thunder Mountain

Oh, no! It’s covering up Thunder Mountain now. We’re surrounded!

Wait a minute. I think I’m getting wet. These little Brutuses that are hitting me seem a lot like rain. Do you think the Weather Channel knew what they were talking about when they named this storm Brutus?


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