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Purple Droppings

Bongo sniffing plums on the groundThis is really strange.

It’s happening in the very same spot.

But the color has changed.

This might take some investigation.

I haven’t even made it to my trails yet. I’m just a few feet from my front door.

I’m going to run back home for my Detective Dog hat.


Detective Dog

Awhile back, way last May I think it was, I was walking to my trails and I hadn’t even made it yet when I found all these strange green things all over the ground.

I was lucky I wasn’t hit by any of them as they fell. But there they were. All over the place.

I never did solve that mystery to my satisfaction (I know, dogs like me shouldn’t be using such big words but I’ve been blogging for a long time now and it seems to be affecting my brain.). I’m still working on that investigation.

So now, I’m walking by that very same spot where I found all those green things so long ago.

And in that very same spot I find purple things all over the ground.

I’m pretty sure a flock of pesky birds dropped those green things. I think they may have been out to get a neighborhood cat – or worse yet, one of my dog buddies who walks by here.

So now I’ve got to figure out what those birds are up to.

Did they drop those purple things too?

Maybe those green things were too small, or too easy to spot.

So those birds found something bigger that blends in better.

At least I don’t think I have to worry about this anymore.

With all the wind we’ve been having I think it shook those birds out of the trees around here.

Good riddance birds.

Take your purple things with you and don’t come back.

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