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How Weird Can it Get?

Bongo with Detective Dog hat covering his eyesThe mystery is getting so deep I’m having trouble keeping my Detective Dog hat on.

All week my person has been leaving me and talking about weird animals.

What is she doing?






I think I should be informed.

Tarantula crawling up an arm

Or maybe not.

Is there something crawling up my leg?


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The Weird Mystery Deepens

Detective DogI had to put on my Detective Dog hat to start investigating these weird animals my person has been talking about.

The mystery is getting deeper and deeper.








Snake over shoulders

What kind of a weird animal is this?


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What’s the Mystery?

Bongo sniffing a bushWhat mystery?


I met one of my neighbors on my trails today and he said there was a mystery.

I’m trying to figure out what he’s talking about.

How can Detective Dog solve a mystery if he doesn’t know what it is?

Maybe I’ll figure it out if I put on my Detective Dog hat.





Bongo with Detective Dog hat covering his eyes

Okay, where’s that mystery?

My neighbor was talking about what?

The mystery of the clouds?

If they’re not on my trails and I can’t smell them, then it must not be a mystery worthy of Detective Dog’s time.

Besides, what’s so mysterious about clouds?

Strange cloud shapes?

Wind blown clouds over Chimney Rock

Strange shaped clouds

Strange shaped clouds near the sun

I’m leaving the mystery of the strange cloud shapes to my neighbor.

I’m heading back inside. It’s awfully windy out here.


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Manzanita Mystery

Bongo in front of the bush with berriesMy trails seem to be full of mysteries lately.

I’ve been checking for clues everywhere.

So while I was checking for clues on the last mystery, I discovered a new mystery.

A Detective Dog’s work is never done.





Detective Dog

I might have to do some modeling and have my person take some new Detective Dog pics before I wear my hat out.

Besides, I always get extra treats when I model.

Okay, back to the mystery.

It’s a Manzanita mystery.

Because baby Manzanita berries always start out green.

Manzanita Berries

Like this.

And most of the new berries on my trails are coming out green.

They usually get some rosy color later, but when they first appear they’re green.

But I found some berries that just had to be different.

As a matter of fact, even their blossoms were different.

Pink Manzanita Blossoms

They had pink blossoms.

All the blossoms on the other bushes were white.

And when these berries popped out they weren’t green at all.

Red manzanita berries

They were red.

Red manzanita berries

So I started investigating to find out why these berries, and these only, were different than the rest.

And you know what I discovered when I looked around the other side of the berries?

Red and green manzanita berries

The berries are red on one side – and green on the other.

These berries are not so different after all.

It’s all a front.


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A Simple Investigation

Bongo sniffing a branch with yellow and green leavesLately my person has been having all the adventures and leaving me in dog jail.

Totally unfair!

I guess she felt sorry for me because she decided to give me something to investigate.




I didn’t bother to tell her that this investigation wasn’t even worth getting on my Detective Dog hat.

Bongo looking cool with his Detective Dog hat on

As a matter of fact, it wasn’t much of an investigation at all.

But it did allow me some great sniffs, so I’m not complaining.

We saw that two toned bush in the first picture. I swear it was all green the last time we walked by here.

But then we saw something even stranger.

Bongo sniffing behind a sunlit bush

We saw bushes that seemed to glow on their own, almost as if they had lights inside them.

And after those bushes, we saw a tree doing the same thing.

Bongo across the wash from a sunlit tree

But I solved this mystery far too easily.

There’s no electricity on my trails so it has to be something else.

Check this out.

Bongo sniffing below a sunlit tree

This is so obvious I don’t know why my person didn’t figure it out herself.

If I dig right here it will be obvious to everyone.

They buried the batteries right next to the tree.


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And Then There Was One

Bongo looking cool with his Detective Dog hat onI’ve got a real mystery on my hands – or maybe two or three – so on with my Detective Dog hat it is.

I’ve got to get to work.

Here’s what happened.





A couple days ago I went out on my trails and I found seven little lights.

Seven electric tea lights on a post

I’ve never seen lights like these on my trails before.

I guess someone wanted to see in the dark – but why would they leave these lights here during the day?

So I started checking for clues.

Bongo sniffing around the post

No unusual smells here.

Maybe this way.

Bongo next to the post looking the other way

I came up with nothing so I decided to continue on down my trail.

And then I found another one.

Bongo sniffing an electric tea light on the ground

Just sitting on the ground.

This is getting really strange.

I continued on my walk, sniffing as I went, but I didn’t find any more of those lights.

But the next day when I went out on my trails…

Five flicker lights on a post

there were only five lights left.

And one still on the ground.

Now I’ve got a second mystery.

Not only did somebody leave these lights, but somebody is taking them away.

What’s a Detective Dog to do? Two mysteries at the same time.

I continued sniffing and then went back home – exhausted from brain drain over the two mysteries.

I went out again on my trails today, wearing my Detective Dog hat.

And mystery of all mysteries on my trails…

One flicker light on a post

I only found one light left.

I hope I get this mystery solved before all the lights go out.


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They’re Back

Bongo in a big puddleI’ve got a real mystery on my hands paws.







I’m going to have to put my Detective Dog hat on for sure.

Bongo looking cool with his Detective Dog hat on

There. I feel better already.

Oh yeah. I guess I’d better tell you what this mystery is all about.

About a week ago I told you about my puddle invasion.

My puddle had appeared after missing for weeks, but then I discovered it had been invaded by tadpoles.

Then both the puddle and the tadpoles disappeared, but when the puddle came back it left the tadpoles somewhere else.

For a few days now my puddle has been sticking around – just like usual. No tadpoles – just a puddle.

Last night we had a thunderstorm. It was really horrible, waking up in the middle of the night to all that thunder.

I wish it would leave me alone.

But I think tadpoles must like thunder.

Because today when I went out on my trails, not only had my puddle grown –

but when I stuck my feet into it …

Bongo's paws in a puddle with tadpoles

I felt these tickly things bumping into me.

Tadpoles in a muddy puddle

The tadpoles had returned.

And now it’s up to Detective Dog to figure out what those tadpoles are up to.

And what they intend to do with my puddle.


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Mystery Bags

Bongo sniffing near a little black bagWhen I’m sniffing around on my trails looking for clues to my latest mystery, or just looking for new and interesting sniffs, I sometimes run across little black bags.

These bags aren’t very interesting in themselves except for the fact that I usually never see the same one twice.

Most of the time when I come back the same way the bag is missing. There might be another bag in a different location, but that first bag is hardly ever there anymore.

I gave up trying to solve this mystery eons ago. There’s nothing special about these bags and they just don’t interest me enough.

There might be something inside these bags, but the smell doesn’t come through and I’d much rather solve mysteries with more aromatic clues.

But today, while I was sniffing the territory and looking for some clues that might lead me to a new mystery I passed another of those little black bags.

I was about to walk right by it when…

Bongo near a bag with something on it

I had to do a double take.

Hearts on and around a little black bag

Apparently somebody thought this particular bag was special.


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Detective Business is Slow

Bongo looking cool with his Detective Dog hat onI put on my Detective Dog hat, but I’m not really sure if this if a mystery worthy of Detective Dog or not.

But I wanted an excuse to put that hat on again. It’s been awhile. Things have been slow on my trails and I haven’t come across any mysteries that need solving.

I think it’s all those flowers out there. My person gets so busy with her camera taking pictures of them that the mysteries just pass us by and I miss them.

Maybe that’s the mystery I should be solving. How to get rid of those flowers – or how to make my person leave her camera at home.

But no, I’ve got another mystery to work on today.

My person has been so busy lately that she hasn’t put any flowers in our garden. That’s okay by me because the weeds still grow there and some of them make tasty treats.

But somebody must have decided that we still need flowers because they gave us a flower that doesn’t have to be replaced every year.

Out in the rocks that line the culvert in front of our yard a permanent flower appeared.

Silk Fower amongst rocks

A silk flower to decorate the culvert.

So the real mystery is not who left the flower, but why we got a fake flower instead of a real one.

I like to do the watering and this flower doesn’t need any water.


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A New Clue

Bongo sniffing something he foundHmmm. What’s this I’m finding on my trails? This is evidence, that’s for sure.

Now I’ve just got to figure out what kind of clue this is. Which mystery will it help me solve.





Detective Dog to the rescue!

Bongo looking snazzy with his Detective Dog hat on

Let me see what I can deduce with a sniff. Did you notice I’m starting to learn a lot of big detective words? Indubitably you did. My friend Jet would be proud of me.

Bongo sniffing what he found

Not much evidence here. The scent of some little hands, but which way did they go? Why did they leave this clue here? What is this stuff anyway? It’s tickling my nose.

Bongo looking at the star and ribbon

Speak to me blue star shaped thing with tickly stuff. Where did you come from? Who left you here? Why are you still sticking around?

Wait, wait! I think I’m getting something.

That’s it!

What am I thinking? I’ve got the wrong hat on.

This isn’t a clue to a mystery needing to be solved. This is an invite to a party!

Bongo with Dog Party Hat

Wait for me! I’m ready now.

Oh no! There’s nobody here.

What a drag. I’m all dressed up and nowhere to go.


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